Why Is Hawaii So Popular For Tourists From All Around The World?

Why Is Hawaii So Popular For Tourists From All Around The World?

When you ask someone about the dream vacation location they have, there is a pretty good possibility Hawaii will pop up. Every single year there are over 8 million tourists that visit, with 60% of them coming from America’s mainland. The average visit is 10 days and the total amount of money spent during vacations is a whopping $14 million, a large part of it going to vacation rentals in Hawaii. Why is Hawaii so popular? Let’s have a look at the main reasons that can be mentioned.

The Beaches

Hawaii has 400 named beaches covering 750 miles of shoreline. All those beaches are public so it is practically impossible not to find something that is perfect for you. Also, in Hawaii it is possible to choose beach color. You can go to yellow sand beaches, white sand beaches and even black sand beaches. There is even a green sand beach. Ocean conditions are quite unpredictable though so be sure that you only go to a beach that is protected by a lifeguard.

The Weather

When you plan a vacation it is normal to think about the weather. Hawaii definitely has one of the very best weathers in the entire world. The islands do have drier seasons and wetter seasons but temperature is almost always the same, all throughout the year. Rain showers keep islands lush and green but all have areas where sun will shine close to every single day of one year. As trade winds blow, cool breezes make everything simply perfect. The weather is a large reason why people say Hawaii is a Paradise.

The People

Obviously, all destinations have some that will not like visitors but in Hawaii you will rarely find such a person. This is mainly because tourism is really big in Hawaii. Most families have people that work in tourism one way or another. At the same time, most in Hawaii do promote what is known as “Aloha spirit”, which relies on being different than you are used to. If this was not enough for some, the law states that government officials and citizens have to conduct themselves based on Aloha law. There are not many other places where you would feel as welcome as in Hawaii as a tourist.

The Accommodations

The common belief is that you cannot find some affordable accommodations in Hawaii but this is completely incorrect. As tourism grew, opportunities for practically all budgets appeared. This means that you can definitely enjoy some highly luxurious vacation rentals in Hawaii but you can also stay at hotels for prices that are much lower than expected. No matter what you choose, accommodations are stellar and the views you have from rooms or rentals are simply stunning. Waking up with the sight of the ocean in front of you is a treat in itself.

The Culture

What is incredible with Hawaii is that this is the only US state where practically everyone is a minority. We have original Hawaiians that sailed from Polynesia but there are also many groups of people that came from all around the world, like Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Caucasians, Latinos and much more.

Most people that came to Hawaii did so to work on pineapple and sugar plantations as they were quite prevalent on all the major islands. Obviously, immigrant groups did bring in unique cultures. Nowadays, Hawaii is a mix of all the cultures that were brought along the years. Close to 25% of the residents have an ancestry of at least 2 races.

The History

Settlers from Polynesia arrived in Hawaii more than one thousand years before the arrival of Columbus. Hawaii was officially discovered in 1778 and in 1795 the people living on the islands were united by King Kamehameha I. In the 1820s we saw missionaries coming from New England, with Hawaiian monarchy being overthrown by the white ministers of the government, businessmen and planters. This is when the official Republic of Hawaii was established.

The US annexed Hawaii in 1898 and in 1941 Japan attacked the US and Pearl Harbor, thus entering WW II. In the year 1959 we saw Hawaii becoming the fiftieth US state.

If you love history, you can enjoy close to 1700 years of it in Hawaii, on all major islands.

The Food

In Hawaii you can enjoy foods from various different cultures, including Hawaiian, Filipino, Japanese and Chinese. The restaurants that feature them, together with many other ethnic foods are still some of the best possible options, with affordability being quite high if you are interested in eating in Hawaii.

If you are a foodie, you absolutely need to give Hawaii a try. Everything practically changed in the year 1991. This was when 12 chefs established the Hawaii Regional Cuisine, which was a culinary movement that basically blended the diverse, ethnic local flavors with world cuisines. Those that love food should look for some Hawaii food tours to learn more.

The Volcanoes

Every single Hawaiian Island was formed through the actions of an ocean floor hotspot. These islands cover 1500 miles, from Lo’Ihi Seamount to Kure Atol. Islands move off hotspots as time passes so every single one shows some reminders of past volcanic activity.

One of the most interesting experiences is offered on Kauai. Tourists can take helicopter rides that take you straight into Mt. Waialeale Crater. If you visit Oahu, you need to hike towards Diamond Head top. If you go to Maui, drive to Haleakala summit at dawn. If you are interested in the really popular volcano, Kilauea is what you should visit, located on Hawaii Island. This volcano has constantly erupted since 1983.

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