6 of the Top Trends in Bedroom Decor

6 of the Top Trends in Bedroom Decor

The bedroom is supposed to be one of the
most relaxing spaces in your home, so it is important to make sure that it
feels that way. This can be done by creating a meaningful design in the space.
Continue reading for six of the top design trends for your bedroom available
right now.

1. Blending the Past and the Future

One of the most popular interior design
trends for the bedroom right now is blending the past and the future of the
design. This can be seen in that many pieces of bedroom furniture, such as a king bed frame, are utilizing old
materials in a new and classy way. One of the materials that are being used in
the furniture is actually wicker, especially since it gives off that earthy
feeling and has simple color schemes. It is being tied into the rest of the
room by incorporating wicker baskets and decor pieces throughout the room.

2. Bright Colors

Another trend that is becoming more and
more popular in bedrooms is in utilizing bright colors. Rather than using
multiple colors, however, interior designers are utilizing a monochromatic
color scheme in that it is one color in multiple different shades. Some of the
most popular colors that are currently being used include greens, blues, and
yellows in varying shades. You can then incorporate the shade you have chosen
in furniture, decor items, an accent wall, and accessories such as pillows.
This will really brighten up your bedroom space so that it feels more joyous.

3. Using Plants

Greenery and other plants
are natural de-stressors in that they are able to calm anxiety and relieve the
overwhelming thoughts that are associated thereof. Bring in real plants as they
will relieve this stress and they are able to purify the air in your home so
that it is more healthy to breathe in. You can tie in the plants by using
prints of different botanicals throughout, white walls, and wooden furniture.
Be sure to choose any plants you like, hanging them up and setting them in pots
throughout your bedroom.

4. Japenese Styling

Japan has had so many influences on
interior design worldwide for such a long time, but this is especially true
when considering the bedroom. The look that results from the Japanese infusion
is something that is minimalistic and simple, which gives off a clean feel that
is not overdone and is not cluttered. The colors utilized are neutral
throughout, with no more than a couple of pops through accessories or a blanket
was thrown on the bed. Dark woods are most often used to really play on the
theme of neutrals and the opposites of the light and the dark.

5. Technological Advancements

More and more technological features for
the home are becoming popular in today’s interior design world, including for
the bedroom. Technological features that can be incorporated into the bedroom
may include smart speakers that can turn off your lights or that can work as
alarm clocks. There are other alarm clocks as well that function by
collaborating with the sunlight if you want to wake up extra early. If you have
a television in your bedroom, these smart devices can turn on the television
and can control them as necessary.

6. Practicality is the Most Important

No matter what interior design feature you
choose, the most important decision you can make is that your bedroom is practical
for you. You need to make sure that it is cozy enough to where you feel
comfortable in it and feel as if itis a relaxing space. Make sure there are
ample layers through multiple blankets on your bed and a large supply of
pillows closeby. Make sure there are tables closeby so that you can easily set
your smartphone and drink on, for instance. Use comfortable fabric and warm
color schemes to really tie it all together.

Having a comfortable bedroom is so
important to feel relaxed, and this can be achieved through a great design.
Consider one of the design options above to try something new, but make sure
that your bedroom is always practical to you and the needs you have.

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