A Short Height Need Not be an Obstacle to Win Hearts

A Short Height Need Not be an Obstacle to Win Hearts

There is always a myth amongst men that if you
are tall, you are more popular with the opposite sex. This is not true. The way
you dress and carry yourself also plays a very important role. There are certain
tips that you can follow to look broader and tall.

Pant Tips for Short Men

Wearing the right clothes can make you feel tall.
You just need to know the right combination. When it comes to wearing pants,
you want to go in for a slim look. This gives the perception of long legs. Go
in for pants with low or medium drops. To get the most effective look, go for
pants that are narrow at the ankle and slim at the legs.

Avoid cuff or pleated pants as this gives the
illusion of wider hips. Stay away from the low waist or baggy pants. Ensure
that your clothes fit you. If you plan on revamping your wardrobe, then you
might want to shop for the right sized men’s shirtsand
pants. There are many online stores such as Jared Lang, located in Miami
Florida that offer a wide range of clothing and apparel to choose from.

They have apparel for every occasion. You can
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When it comes to colors and patterns, avoid going
in for vibrant color tones. A monochromatic color theme would be a perfect
choice. In the case of shorts, ensure that the length is slightly above your
knee. Complement these with a pair of tennis shoes to complete the look.

Shirts and Blazers for Men

Choosing a shirt, if you are of a short build can
be slightly tricky. You need to choose wisely. No matter what shirt you
purchase, there will always be an extra fabric that you might need to tuck in.
When you do so, ensure that it creates an illusion of a slim chest.

If you are choosing a blazer for any formal
event, you need to go if for short length blazers. This helps to expose your
legs giving it the illusion of longer legs. When it comes to the sleeves, a
slimmer sleeve would be a perfect choice.

Adding accessories to your clothing can also help
create illusions. Some tips that can come handy here would be:

  • Go
    in for shorter ties or scarves
  • Avoid
    wearing anything flashy that will catch the eyes
  • Your
    accessories need to be proportionate with your clothes
  • Avoid
    wearing bulky coats or jackets
  • Go
    in for boots that are slightly elevated to make you look tall

Last, but not the least, try working on your
posture. The way you walk, sit or stand makes a lot of difference. Ensure that
when you are walking, you keep your back straight and put your weight pressure
on your heels.


The secret to acing any type of look is to look
and feel confident. Ensure that you focus on the fit, rather than the look of
your clothing.

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