How Having Kids Will Change Your Relationship With Your Partner

How Having Kids Will Change Your Relationship With Your Partner

They say that nothing can quite prepare you for the rigors of
raising a child. After all, becoming a parent will affect every part of your
life –– from your financial plans, to your career goals, and, of course, your
relationship with your significant other. No two couples are the same; external
factors can have a big influence on how people react to parenthood. Yet, it’s
important for moms-and-dads-to-be to understand just what they’re getting into
when the big day arrives. Here’s how having kids will change your relationship
with your partner:

Alone Time

Do you value having time alone to relax or unwind after a busy
day? Do you also cherish having one-on-one time with your significant other? If
you’re like 99% of people, then the answer to both of those questions is
probably “yes.” The bad news here is that having a kid will mean a significant
reduction in your free time. As such, it’s imperative for new parents to
schedule time during the day to spend time by themselves and with each other.
There’s a reason why hiring a babysitter for a “date night” is so popular,
after all.

Daily Errands

The best partners act to support each other. Sometimes this
manifests in profound ways, but other actions are much more mundane –– if still
necessary. One partner might go to the grocery store while the other heads to
the bank, for instance. Parents, though, will have a whole new set of
priorities to deal with. Convincing your little one not to be afraid of
equipment at the doctor’s office like safety butterfly
is a much different prospect to shopping at Target by
yourself. Get ready for a whole lot more kid-centric outings –– at schools,
sporting events, doctor’s offices, and more.

Conflict Resolution

Parents –– just like all couples –– sometimes have disagreements
and get into fights. Even the nature of conflict resolution changes during
parenthood, though. Now you’ll have to figure out how to resolve issues with
your partner without upsetting your kids. Note, there’s a healthy way
to do this
, but it’s not always easy. And communication is key.


Almost all couples experience a drop in sexual activity after having a
child. Some droughts are more extreme than others. Still, even if you and your
partner are able to squeeze in a few intimate sessions regularly, they may not
be all that satisfying. Remember, intimacy is about more than just the act of
sex. So it’s important to keep you and your partner’s physiological needs in
mind after you become parents.


Though parenthood does present a number of serious challenges,
it can also help bring people closer together. As stressful and as frustrating
as raising a child may be, doing it with someone you love can be a wonderful
experience all the same!

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