Knowing how hair building fibers work and help you get back your lost hair

Knowing how hair building fibers work and help you get back your lost hair

One of the most shameful and embarrassing issues faced by both men and women of the present generation is their receding hairline that is leading to baldness. Men and women are desperately looking for ways in which they hide their baldness and get back a fuller and thicker look with their hair. While some are trying to use a hair thickening shampoo, some others are not much aware of the other permanent methods that can help them get back their lost hair and again brag about their fuller heads. Using hair building fibers is a method of eliminating the appearance of thinning hair and baldness. This is a method which is perfect both for women and men who are suffering from excessive hair loss and also who have had recent hair transplant. Hair building fibers are available in different colors varying from black, medium brown, dark brown, auburn, light brown and blond and hence anyone with any color hair can try using them.

How do hair fibers work?

The hair fibers of some of the best companies uses Nano Fiber Technology through which they create the long-lasting bond between the hair that already exists on your head and the hair fibers. When you sprinkle these hair fibers on the area that is already thinning down, the fibers will automatically cling on your hair like magnets, thereby making each strand of hair look instantly fuller and thicker. Once the fibers stick on to your natural hair, they will stay in the right place until you apply shampoo. Therefore, you can apply hair building fibers and go about your day without any worry about people gazing at those embarrassingly thinning areas on your scalp.

Applying hair building fibers – The steps

Have a look at the 4 steps that are involved in applying hair building fibers in order to make your hair look fuller and thicker.

  1. Wash your hair and dry it up. Then style your hair in a usual manner before you apply the hair fibers
  2. Tap, shake and sprinkle the bottom of the hair building fibers at around 45 degrees and hold it about 3 inches above your head and apply it on the thin areas so that the fibers get dispensed.
  3. Once the hair fibers are applied, you can gently pa on your hair if necessary so that the hair fibers get dispensed evenly into the thinner areas of your head.
  4. Apply the locking spray to secure the fibers at their respective places.

If you’re using the hair building fibers of KeraFiber, you can be sure about the organic effect of Keratin protein, which is the same protein that our hair is made of. Since KeraFiber is made up of organic protein fibers, they are for external use only and there is no fear of harming the skin. Just make sure that you avoid contact with your eyes and avoid inhaling it. They don’t even stain clothes, your scalp or the bed linen. In case they drop accidentally, you can just dust them off.

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