8 Quick Tips on Moving House

8 Quick Tips on Moving House

Packing up our life and heading out for pastures new is something most of us do at some-point during the course of our lives. We upscale, downscale, move for work, move for study and otherwise relocate for a whole plethora of reasons. The only consistent in all of this? Moving can be stressful.

Here are eight quick tips designed to help you move faster and more efficiently to help make your relocation as stress-free as possible.

Use Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are super useful for packing things together to move thanks to their length and robustness. Use them to place your bulky, lighter things, such as those you’d have in your bedroom like blankets, duvets and pillows. Don’t make them too heavy to lift though otherwise you could damage other items and the box itself.

Lots of Supplies

Get as many boxes and containers as you can, you’ll need them. Even those you purchase from a moving company you can usually return unused for a refund. Have a reserve of boxes set aside after everything is packed up too. These usually help with last-minute items.

Get Help

Spending the money on solid commercial vehicles and possibly a removal team is a smart move. Don’t go into thinking that you can move everything yourself. Sometimes it’s worth the investment to get the job done safer, smarter and with less stress.

Make a List

Making a list of items you plan on transporting is one of the first things you should do in preparation for a move. This way you can evaluate exactly how much you’ll need to move and make the logistical plans necessary to do so. It also helps you judge whether you can do without certain things also, thus cutting down on the amount that needs to be moved.

Pack Ahead

If you can spend a small part of each day in the lead-up to a move packing particular things, it’s going to be a massive help in the long-run. Focus on things you won’t likely need during the time you begin packing up until the point you actually move. Packing these things up saves a huge amount of stress and time when the actual day of the move comes.

Use Luggage Bags

Suitcases, gym bags, backpacks, whatever else; they all help serve as great carry-cases for anything you plan on moving. Make good use of them with everyday items you’ll likely to need right-away once in a new place. There’s less chance of these bags becoming misplaced, lost or the things inside them damaged.

Have Documents On You

Keep the most important documents from your life with you as it’s so easy for things to get lost and take a large amount of time to find during a move. Having things like current bills, phone lists, maps, birth certificates and passports with you is a smart move.

Group Together

One final tip; group and keep particular things together. That means putting the things you’re likely to place next to each other in your new surroundings together in one box. Especially useful with things like computers, appliances and kitchen utensils.

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