John Robert Powers – How To Get a Modeling Job

John Robert Powers – How To Get a Modeling Job

The John Robert Powers agency in Chicago is one of the oldest talent agencies in the world and it is almost 100 years old. The agency was set up by the actor John Robert Powers at the beginning of the 20th Century and during those years it has seen greats such as Betty Ford and Grace Kelly coming through its ranks. For John Robert Power Chicago was the place where he felt had the very best talent and this is why he set up the agency in the first place. This therefore seems to be the perfect place to get some advice on how you can become the next super star model, and here are some of the tips which the team shard with me on how you can land yourself a modeling gig.




The first route of course would be to sign up with a modeling agency and then get gigs through them. The only thing to watch out for here is that you go with an agency which has a solid reputation of success. There are many agencies out there who do not look after their talent and who do not try their utmost to land jobs for their models. Do your research and review each modeling agency before you deicide to sign up.




Social media really has changed every aspect of our lives and that includes modeling. These days there are men and women who are getting modeling jobs just because of their social media following alone. The key to doing this is to know what your niche is and then to create beautiful content of you and share it on your page. Make sure that you are engaging with the people who follow you in order to gain more loyalty and bring in more followers. The more followers that you have, the more convinced a company or agency will be that you are the right person for the job. Once you amass a large following you will start to get solicitations in your inbox for all kinds of jobs, this could easily be your way in to the world of modeling.


Contacts and Friends


Whenever you do anything in the industry, be it an audition, an event or a shoot, do all that you can to try and build relationships and gain contacts. The larger your network is within the industry the quicker you will find out about jobs, and the more likely it is that you will be offered jobs in the future. The old saying that it isn’t ‘what you know but who you know’ certainly rings true in the modeling world and you will soon see that many directors and casting agents will use the same models time and time again. Forming a strong network is not only a great way to get jobs but it will also make your time in the industry a far happier one.

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