What to Wear for the First Day on the Job

What to Wear for the First Day on the Job

The first day of a new job always comes with a flurry of emotions. It’s a mixture of nervousness, excitement, uncertainty, and anxiousness. Not only are you trying to show the people that hired you that you’re a solid addition to the company, but you also have a desire to fit in and form new relationships.

While there’s a lot to prepare for in order to make the first day a sweeping success, one of the simplest things you can control is what you wear. Your choice of outfit on the first day may set the tone for how you’re viewed in the upcoming weeks and months. That’s a lot of pressure – but don’t fret. Look at it as your chance to shine!

3 Tips for Men

·         Do some research. The best way to determine “proper” company attire is to take notice of what people are wearing on your interview day. You can also head to the website and look around for guidance. As a rule of thumb, though, it’s always better to overdress than underdress on the first day.

·         Invest in nice shoes. Nothing says “I care about the way I look” quite like a nice pair of dress shoes. Regardless of whether the office is casual or formal, dress shoes look good with a number of outfits.

·         Carry a bag. The modern professional always carries some sort of bag. It could be a leather briefcase or a canvas satchel. It’s not really important what you carry in the bag – just that you have one. It tells people you’re important and organized.

3 Tips for Ladies

·         Mimic the interview. If you got the job, that means you did something right during the interview. Use this as a confidence builder and base your first-day outfit on your interview outfit; it’s a safe and certain choice.

·         Go with neutrals. While you may be the kind of person who likes to “stand out” from the crowd, it’s best to avoid bright colors on the first day. Go with neutrals, but don’t be afraid to throw in a piece of statement jewelry.

·         Avoid high heels. Your first day on the job will likely involve a lot of walking around, exploring the office, and meeting new people. That means you’ll be on your feet a lot, so don’t wear high heels or uncomfortable shoes. Instead, go with a more conservative and comfortable selection, so your feet aren’t killing you by five o’clock.

Don’t Stress Out

Ultimately, what you choose to wear on the first day of work isn’t going to make or break your future with the company. You aren’t going to get fired for wearing the wrong colored socks, and you won’t get promoted for selecting the perfect blouse. Give your outfit some careful thought, but certainly don’t stress out about it.

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