Beauty Basics: The Makeup Tools You Must Own

Beauty Basics: The Makeup Tools You Must Own

Every girl, especially the makeup junkies, would understand the struggle of buying brushes and tools and having to fit every single staple in our makeup kit until it looks like exploding. But what are the makeup tools that we really must own? It all starts with the basics. Figure out which tool you should spend a little extra for, and which ones can be bought on a budget. De-clutter your makeup kit by throwing away the old ones and getting the important tools that you really need.


A brush, especially a big one, is one of the most important makeup tools you will ever own. You can use it as a powder brush for when you need to set your makeup with a loose foundation, or even use it as a bronzer for when you need to swipe it on the side of your cheeks for a subtle glow. You can use a big brush for your cheeks as well for a neat, natural looking blush by gently swirling it on your skin. A fluffy brush will give you the right amount of control so that you will not waste too much of your product. It makes your skin look even if you use it the right way and hold it lightly. Try Bourjois Princeau Powder Brush for only 18 dollars.

Eyelash Curler

Hands down for this little baby that can transform your overall look from tired to lively—an eyelash curler shapes your eyelashes into doll-like ones, making them look lifted and larger. Your makeup kit is lacking something if you do not own an eyelash curler. Get this tool at where you can also find discounted cosmetics. Try to compare your look before you curl your lashes and after, and you will see a significant amount of change. Mascara would not even look effective without an eyelash curler that’s like a magic wand. Try the Revlon Extra Curl Lash Curler for 12 dollars.

Liner Brush

Probably one of the most challenging things you can ever encounter when applying makeup is doing your cat eye, and it’s even more challenging if you do not have the right liner brush to get you that flawless, sharp line. But don’t worry; Bareminerals Gorgeous Glide Liner Brush is here to save you from major eyeliner boo-boos. Even if you use a pencil liner, you still need to smudge it for a smoky and matte look. A good liner brush can give you a simple, smudge-free, pointed cat-eye.

Whether you’re going for a heavy party makeup or a light and casual one, you will be able to achieve those looks with these essentials tools, and by essential it means you should not miss any single one of these. Your makeup bag would not be complete without these staples.


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