Virginia is for Lovers: 3 Local Ideas to Reinvent Yourself After a Rough Relationship

Virginia is for Lovers: 3 Local Ideas to Reinvent Yourself After a Rough Relationship

The classic adage of “Virginia is for Lovers” still rings true, but for those of us experiencing downs in our romantic relationships might not be able to appreciate the great state for all its worth.

Relax. It’s only natural to get in a bit of a funk post break-up. The idea of moving on, trying new things or even getting out of the house can be incredibly daunting when a “sure thing” comes to an end.

That said, there’s no reason you should as if you need to be miserable forever. After all, Virginia has so much to offer its singles in terms of diversity, things to do and natural beauty that it’s the perfect place to rediscover yourself after a rough relationship.

Don’t let the idea of going on an adventure or picking yourself up seem worlds away. For Virginia singles or those nearby who want to smash the reset button on their lives, consider the following tips to make it happen in Old Dominion.

See the Great Outdoors

Oftentimes travel is the absolute best medicine for those of us getting out of a relationship. Once you’ve become accustomed to the same spots, routines and sights day after day, a fresh change of scenery can transform you. This rings true whether you’re rocking it in rural Virginia or are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of DC.

As such, consider a mini-vacation or road trip that allows you to see the state properly. In fact, camping and RVing are two of the best ways to see the state as you can travel relatively distraction-free while staying at some of the most beautiful campgrounds around. Whether you’re looking for an RV rental in Virginia or are brave enough to rough it, there’s something out there for you.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Even if you don’t consider yourself a traditional adventurer or the “outdoorsy” type, think about the benefits of tackling a new challenge either mentally or physically. Given that physical activity releases the sort of “happy chemicals” your body needs, you may be shocked at how much better you feel when you get out and start moving.

Whether it’s jogging, biking or taking a short trail, there are so many brilliant trails in Virginia to explore. From mountain views in Shenandoah Park to simple strolls at Molly’s Knob in Hungry Mother State Park, getting out of your element even for a simple stroll can work wonders for your mental and physical state.

Treat Yourself

Wallowing in pity won’t get you anywhere, especially in a state where there’s so much going on at any given time. Treating yourself in some way, shape or form is a must-do and doesn’t necessarily require you to break the bank, either.

For example, why not spend some time at Virginia Beach, soaking up the sun and giving your skin a break? Why not hit up some of the top restaurants in DC for a solo dining experience or outing with your friends? How about a mini shopping spree to go along with it? The choice is yours!

Nobody wants to find themselves in a rough patch, but hey, Virginia represents one of the best places to pick yourself up again. No matter what you need to do to focus on you, keep these tips in the back of your mind.


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