Why the Packaging of Your DVD, CD or Software Matters

Why the Packaging of Your DVD, CD or Software Matters

Producing, developing and selling multimedia products is something a lot of different types of businesses or artists need to do, and while often this can be done without a physical product, via web downloads, sometimes you do need to ship discs with your music, video or software on them. Burning a cheap DVD or CD is not that difficult, so you can, with the right hardware, mass produce these or burn them in an ad hoc manner when you get an order. However, as well as putting your content on the disc, you should really think about how that disc is going to be labelled and packaged for presentation to your customers.

Branding is Everything

In the business world, you can’t read a single piece of advice or talk to a single expert without the importance of branding coming up. Branding is vital to businesses of all sizes, and so even if you are a band (which is after all, a form of business), an individual software developer or any other small enterprise, you need to think about the way you brand everything you do. Branding doesn’t just mean sticking your logo on everything, but giving a coherent sense of who you are and your values. This should show in everything you make available for customers to see, like your website and your social media accounts, and so it stands to reason that your disc products are also an important place to apply branding.

A Sense of Quality Will Impress Your Users

Giving your products stylish, high quality packaging will impress them. You can buy job lots of cheap discs from private sellers on sites like Gumtree, and you may think that all you need to do to turn them into valuable products is to burn your content onto them. But if you ship that content with a plain case and the name of your product written in permanent marker on the disc, you are showing your customer you are an amateur outfit. If you print nice labels for the CDs or DVDs and supply them with attractive gatefold covers or even inserts if you are just shipping them in basic plastic sleeves, your customers will feel that they have received a quality product from a professional organisation. This is key to your brand identity, because you definitely want quality to be one of the things people associate with you, no matter what you do.

You Can Make Your Product More Memorable

Part of branding is making sure people not only associate positive things with you and your business, but also remember it. It is said by a lot of marketing specialists that a person needs to see a brand name around about seven times before it begins to be recognisable, and so with your disc packaging you can make this happen quite quickly if they are seeing your branding every time they see your CD case on a shelf or put your disc in their computer or CD or DVD player.

Getting good packaging for your discs can make a huge difference to how effective your digital products are, and is well worth investing in.

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