DIY gift ideas for Christmas – How about self-designed porcelain mugs?

DIY gift ideas for Christmas – How about self-designed porcelain mugs?

As we know that Christmas is nearing, we must be on the watch out for the plethora of gift ideas and presents that we can give our friends and family members. Given the fact that majority of the Americans incur holiday debt and they continue to bear the burden of this debt until next Christmas. Budgeting and sticking to the budget is the biggest challenge faced by most Americans as they love to splurge during this season. So, when it comes to making a list of the number of people to whom you have to share gifts with and the different gift ideas that can work out well for you, you need to scrimp here and there and also make sure you give a good one which will remain close to their heart.

How about gifting DIY mugs made of glass or porcelain? While you may check out to get more information on such mugs and how they’re priced, here are some other ideas to help you with designing the best DIY mugs and adding that personal touch.

Hand-painted mugs – When you’re a creative painter

Initially, we should start off with something really simple and if you want to create a hand-painted mug, you would need a porcelain mug, an outliner and enough patience as this is a form of art and craft which takes enough time. Before you start off, the mug needs to dry and clean. Use a tiny brush and if needed you may even use the tube. Once you’re done with the design that you want to pay, allow the paint to dry off. If you want to keep the painting from getting removed with dishwasher, put it inside the oven and keep it inside and allow it to cool.

Fun mugs – Creating funny gestures for your funny friend

Are you someone who prefers something which is more playful and full of fun? If answered yes, you can try painting some funny designs. For that you would need liquid lead glass stain, porcelain mugs, acrylic paint and of course a brush. Initially, you need to draw the image’s outline and then paint it as you want. Allow it to dry and then it’s ready to be packed.

Monogram mugs – For the friend who wishes to have his name on the mug

You can definitely customize your gift mugs with monograms. For that you will need pen, scissors, tape, black porcelain pen and also a print out of the initials that you want to paint. With the initial written on it, cut the piece of transfer paper. Tape the initials on to the mug and trace the outline. Utilize the porcelain pen to trace the outer lines of the initial. Once it is dried, you can use it for your friend whose name begins with that alphabet.

So we see that DIY painted mugs can also be a good and cost-effective gift for Christmas, 2016. Follow the advice given above to make some of the best hand-crafted mugs.

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