Healthy Tips For Losing Weight By Your Wedding Date

Many women make it a point to fit into a smaller size for their wedding date, for whatever reason. There’s no shaming here. If you want to lose some weight, you go girl. The important thing, when it comes to dropping a few pounds for you nuptials is to do it in a healthy way.

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You shouldn’t be starving yourself in order to fit into a smaller dress size,and doing that could actually be harmful to your health. You may also feel like you don’t have time to join a gym, with all the wedding planning and living your life going on.

That is why you are reading this, because it is going to give you four great tips that will help you drop some weight before your wedding. how much you lose will depend on how much of this you do and how far away your wedding date is. These are also things that you can do for as long as you’d like, because they are healthy life changes.

Eat This

Watch what you are eating and start to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Although you don’t want to lose out on nutrients your body needs to keep running smoothly, you may want to cut down on some things that fill you up more, like breads. Stick with more white meats as well.

You could also swap out at least one meal a day for a healthy meal replacement shake that ensures you get the nutrients you need, but with far less calories. When you need a snack only eat healthy snacks. And make sure to drink plenty of water.

Not That

Stay away from junk food and fast food until after you say “I do.” These things are all packed with too many calories and most of them completely useless. Foods that offer no nutritional value are offering you more weight rather than less.

The point is not to think of this as a diet. Don’t diet and you’ll be more likely to succeed. You have a better chance of success, and you’ll improve your overall health just by making healthier meal choices and cutting out stuff like soda and sweets.


Come up with a routine that works into your busy schedule. You may want to wake up an hour earlier in order to have fitness time, or maybe you’ll just have to fit it in when you can. You don’t need to work out everyday, but you need to do it a few times a week.

Instead of joining a gym, start taking the stair everywhere you go, or get up and go for a couple mile walk each morning. Simply adding some physical activity, over your normal routine, will help.

Don’t Fret

If you set goals and don’t stress you can successfully drop the weight you want to before your wedding day. If you’re stressing out you’re releasing more cortisone in your system which adds to that weight around your middle.

Start doing yoga and meditating to help you relax some. Yoga is also great for toning muscles and will help with your weight loss in many more ways than one.

Even if you just want to be more toned or simply healthier for your wedding and aren’t concerned about weight loss, these tips can help!

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