Inexpensive Dates for Your Long Time Love

Inexpensive Dates for Your Long Time Love

Romance doesn’t have to dwindle when you are with someone for a long time. Romance is fluid and can change as you both change together. Fancy dinners out or vacation getaways may be too cumbersome for your wallet and your time. You are no longer trying to impress your loved one, now you are trying to maintain it. If your dating life has suddenly turned into a mundane routine that doesn’t initiate the spark you both initially had, now is the time to rethink how you are dating! Here are some tips to ignite the passion and go easy on the wallet.

Make Your Night In a Special One

Most couples have “a song” that they dance to or sing along with to remind them of why they are together. Do you have a movie that you both love to watch together? It could be the very first movie you both went to see together. Or a franchise of movies that you make a point to watch together when they hit theaters. Why not celebrate your night in with a movie that is only meant for you and your loved one? Light candles to make it romantic (yes, even if it’s a Marvel comic movie…..they will love it!), have a bottle of their favorite wine and a platter of cheese on hand. Or create a light meal around the theme of the movie. Dress up as if it’s your first date and you want to impress them! Before making this special night happen, make sure you have the best in viewing options. If you are in need of an upgrade, see DIRECTV offers to learn if they have the right plan for you!

Do Something Completely Different

Most long-term relationships settle into a routine that can be hard to break. If you always go out to dinner and then hit a movie once a week, it’s going to get boring. To bring a unique flair, do something that you normally wouldn’t do. That could be as simple as you both take a Monday off and hit the hiking trails. If you plan ahead, take a road trip to a relative or friends home within a couple of hours and stay away for a weekend to enjoy some snuggles and alone time (and of course visiting with your host). Have you both always talked about taking a balloon ride but just haven’t done it yet? Do it!

Revisit Your Childhood

Everyone is a kid at heart and revisiting your childhood fun can be a great way to bond and reconnect. It could be a free date by staying home and playing all of your favorite board games (Yahtzee, Sorry, Monopoly, even Hungry Hungry Hippos!). If staying in has been a theme for you both, take a drive around your old stomping grounds and tell old stories, if you live close enough. Or you can go to a nearby arcade and play pinball machines to your heart’s content. Many arcades now offer a flat rate to play their games, rather than relying on quarters.

Look to the Stars for Inspiration

If you want to be ultra-romantic without killing your budget, go out to the country at night. Why? There is less light pollution and on a clear night, you can see the stars in a spectacular way. There is nothing that is more grounding and amazing than a sky full of stars. You can lay on a blanket in silence, holding hands, as you gaze upward. You can point out all of the constellations that you know and talk about the ones you don’t.

No matter what you choose to do, the important thing is to reconnect and spice up your lives. Pay close attention to your partner’s desires as well. If they are not someone who likes to be in the air, skydiving is not a good choice! Just show you love them by spending time with them, it’s the best gift you can give.

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