Spend a Dream Vacation in Italy

Spend a Dream Vacation in Italy

Italy is said to be the birthplace of civilization and romance. When booking on Tauck Tours to Italy, you will be able to enjoy tremendous entertainment and excitement. It is a country steeped in culture and history and there is so much to enjoy that you are guaranteed to have the vacation of a lifetime.

About Italy

Italy is known as the Heart of Art and History. It is also for this reason that you will find a great museum in every city. These cover things such as art, cars, science, technology and more. There are also 20 different national parks in the country, perfect for those who want to enjoy the fantastic natural vistas that are offered. Furthermore, there are very safe and clean beaches, most of which are awarded the Blue Flag year upon year. Furthermore, there are opportunities for those who like to be active, such as hiking and biking. Consider, for instance:

These are all fantastic places to visit and they should definitely be on your bucket list. However, Italy is also known for its fantastic cities. One thing you will learn when you first go to Italy is that it is the place to be to eat and drink. Nowhere is this truer than in the major cities. Restaurants will welcome you with open arms, enticing you with smells of freshly prepared pastas and other traditional dishes. Whether you want to eat in a Michelin star restaurant or just by the road side, you just know your pallet will be entertained and enchanted. So what are some of the greatest cities in Italy to visit?


Rome is famous all over the world for its amazing historical sights, being the birthplace of the Roman Empire. However, there are also a lot of hidden gems. Simply strolling through the streets of the city, you will quickly discover things that are not found in every guidebook you will find. It is also an opportunity to get out of the crowd a little bit.

Venice and Florence

Anyone who goes to Italy tends to express a desire to visit Venice and Florence. This is particularly true for newlyweds, as both these cities are incredibly romantic. Again, you have an opportunity to go off the beaten track.


Genoa was Europe’s Culture Capital in 2004. It has one of the world’s oldest historical centers. You also shouldn’t miss a trip to the Aquarium, the largest in all of Europe.

Clearly, Italy is filled with fantastic things to do and there is something to enjoy for everybody, no matter where you go. One thing you may also want to consider is visiting one of the thermal spas. These have existed in Italy since Hippocrates’ time. You will be able to find these spas almost everywhere in Italy and it is an opportunity to really unwind and relax and to give your body some much needed TLC as well.

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