How To Keep Your Skin Healthy All Year

How To Keep Your Skin Healthy All Year

Each season of the year calls for a little change up in your skincare regime. Some changes are minor and some are meant to protect your skin from elements that are more prevalent all year round.  It’s important to protect your skin since it’s your body’s largest organ.

Whether or not you want to “look good” isn’t the case for the need for skincare. It’s more a matter of making sure that your skin stays healthy so that you can feel good too. Here are a few tips for each of the four seasons to insure that your skin stays smooth and you stay happy.


Think of spring as a time to spring clean your skin. Winter is really rough on skin, so spring is a good time for a pampering. That means moisturizing facials and more.

Yes, moisturizing should be your number one when it comes to spring cleaning your skin because winter took its toll and made your skin dry and flaky. Don’t just focus on your face though, you want to give special attention to knees and elbows as well.

Spring is also a good time to start doing some great mud masks and peel masks. This gives your face a fresh start for the summer that is about to come. You want to fight any winter acne before it gets hot out and you start getting summer acne!


During the summer there are two main things you want to make sure you are doing for your skin on a daily basis. You want to be hydrating your skin and you want to protect it from the sun. Hydrating is easy if you carry a nice mister with you no matter where you go. Drinking water helps as well!

When it comes to sunscreen, the key rule to remember is that you need to reapply often. The SPF of your chosen sunscreen just tells you how long you can stay out in the sun and expect to be protected by it, without reapplication. The higher the SPF the longer you can wait before putting on more.

You also want to protect the skin on the top of your head when you are out in the sun. The best way to do that is to wear a hat when you are spending more than a few minutes outside in the sunshine.


Fall might seem like the perfect time to slack on caring for your skin, but really it’s the best time to start preparing your skin for winter. If you are prone to dry skin now is the time to stop using harsh soaps to wash with, and switch to something more gentle.

This is also a good time to start using witch hazel as a toner, which will keep your skin from getting too dry and fight acne and other blemishes. And, of course, make sure you are moisturizing. For this time of year a light moisturizer will be enough.

Autumn is also known for windy days, cooler nights, and a lot of rain. Be prepared for the wind by protecting your skin with skin cream that is light but helps put a barrier between it and harsh winds.


Winter is the harshest season on your skin. That means that you want to treat it extra gently. Cut back on cleansers and how much you wash your face. Use lots of moisturizer if you need to.

Try using some natural products, like coconut oil, for hydrating and moisturizing. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes, even for dry and cracked elbows.

Keep sun care in mind as well. The sun doesn’t just go away during the winter, so if you plan to spend some time making snow angels on a sunny winter day with the kids put on sunblock!

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