Planning that final night out as one of the girls

Planning that final night out as one of the girls

It comes to nearly every girl in the end. The hen party. Like it or not, you will end up wearing rabbit ears, a pink cowboy hat or playing blackjack online with the girls. Remember your day is the one around the corner; this night is for your mates to give you a good send off, so tolerate them and just enjoy it! This article is more for them than you as it gives them ideas for the hen night to remember and where to get their accessories.    


Knowing your target. Ladies, before you start splashing the cash on your best mate’s hen night, bear in mind what she likes and doesn’t like. After all, you want this to be a night to remember, not the night all your best mates argued with each other. If you are stuck for ideas, then have a look online at hen night supplies and doubtless you will find something that the lady in question won’t mind wearing and will have a good laugh while doing so. Remember, it’s the little things that count and the wands, rubber ducks and tiaras can all add to the atmosphere and are a vital part of the night out. 


Where to get your stuff. There’s no need to waste shoe leather trawling the streets; all your hen night goodies can be easily purchased online. A quick search on the internet and you will see plenty of online stores offering hen party equipment . The beauty of ordering online is that it can all be done at home, so you don’t have to explain to your best mate why you are shopping on a Saturday afternoon and she isn’t allowed to come along. You can also get the rest of the gang involved in a similar fashion; just send them the link to the products you are fancying and then you can either order as a group or independently. Just remember to get your numbers sorted and order well in advance; all sites have delivery times, so check these thoroughly when placing your order.  


What can you get. So what kind of hen night supplies can be found online? Pretty much anything can be found on the internet. A good starting point is always the sash and these can be personalised when ordered. There are also a good range of tiaras, crowns and veils and also a more different touch the hen party hat. Ranging from kiss me quick style fun hats to quite stylish fascinators and pill box hats, these are a good way of locating your group in the crowd at the end of the night. You can even chose a theme and purchase the products in that range; sailors, devils, cowgirls, even nuns outfits are all out there to be purchased. Remember not to leave the lady in question out when you are making your decisions . Sites have a special selection of items that are for the bride herself to make her night go with a bang, from the traditional garters and fluffy handbags to a blow up man, there is bound to be something to make her smile. Jaye Staddon is a freelance writer with many years of experience of party planning . 

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