Anniversary Gifts that Will Blow His Mind

Anniversary Gifts that Will Blow His Mind

While many women might expect that their husbands should be the ones to do all of the romancing and gift giving on special occasions, it’s very important, if you want your relationship to function well, that you give just as much love and attention as you want to receive. With that in mind, here are a few ideas to get you started on thinking about how you can make this anniversary really special with some gifts that are sure to mean a lot.

  • Something homemade. Whether you know how to paint, bake, knit, take nice pictures, or sing, giving something homemade and personalized is a great way to give a gift that will really matter to him. Come up with something special that reflects the years you’ve spent together. Write a song for him, perform it for him, and then present him with a recording of it. If you love to cook, make a cookbook of some of the recipes you’ve enjoyed together over the years or that the two of you associate with special events, like the meal you had on your first date. Make a little sampler for each of the dishes in the collection for your anniversary dinner.

  • Buy him something he’s had his eye on. It might be something to do with his hobby or some nice item you know he’d love, but that he might not normally be willing to buy for himself. For example, if he’s a music lover, get him a turntable and some of his favorite records to go with it. has many awesome products for men that will suit any interest.

  • Join him in a hobby he loves. Everyone has those hobbies that their partner doesn’t necessarily enjoy, and it can mean a lot to them when you are willing to join them in enjoying those things. If he has a particular kind of movie you don’t particularly like, buy him a box set and settle in for a night of movies together. If he enjoys a hobby you don’t normally want to do, plan a full day excursion to join him in that hobby. If he enjoys fishing, charter a boat to go deep sea fishing on a Saturday. Although he will know that the hobby still isn’t exactly your favorite thing in the world, he will no doubt appreciate your considerateness and your desire to spend quality time with him in this way.

  • Plan a romantic weekend or getaway that will really appeal to him. When you look up romantic getaway ideas, you tend to see a lot of common clichés or ideas that appeal solely to husbands trying to romance their wives. Try coming up with a romantic weekend that will appeal to his sensibilities instead. He’s likely to appreciate many of the same things you will: a weekend away from the house and kids, a vacation, some nice meals, etc. But plan in some surprises for him that will make the weekend getaway more than an idea taken out of a magazine. If he loves to hike, plan your weekend in an area with some great hiking opportunities and surprise him with a new pair of hiking boots, for example. Or you can take a trip to a city you’ve both never been to and do a brewery crawl if he’s a beer lover (and let’s be honest—most men are).

Getting your husband a just-right anniversary gift is all about figuring out exactly what kind of gift is going to really make him feel special. You can also find anniversary e-cards where you can tell him how much your years together really mean to you.

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