A Few Things to Know about Buying Titanium Wedding Rings

A Few Things to Know about Buying Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium is a highly popular material, and more and more people are considering titanium wedding rings. These rings are both beautiful and strong and they will last forever, just as a marriage should. Additionally, it is lightweight, which means it is comfortable to wear. Finally, they stand out from the crowd, because they are so different. Here are a few things you need to know about buying titanium wedding rings.


How to Buy Titanium Rings

When you are choosing a wedding ring, the size is obviously important. Even if you are shopping online, you need to know your ring size, which may mean a trip to a physical jeweler first. Additionally, you need to make sure that the shape and design fits the fingers of both parties, and you must also agree on this together. Naturally, you must make sure that you trust your jeweler, so spend some time looking into reviews on the store that you are considering.

What about Different Colors?

There are a number of different colors to choose from in titanium. They are officially considered to be a white type of metal, in the same way as what platinum is. However, their undertone is most definitely grey. If you want to add a splash of color, you will need a ring that has been anodized using a special type of color treatment. However, color treatment is generally not permanent, which means that your ring can look discolored and scratched after a while. If you want to keep your ring looking new, you should stick to the natural look.

What about Other Precious Metals?

One of the great things about titanium is that it is very easy to inlay it with other precious metals. This means that you could have a band of white, rose or yellow gold put into it as well. You can even mix it with platinum for a really luxurious look. Effectively, your personal taste will guide which metals you want to combine.

How Do I Know the Ring Is a Quality Product?

You can choose between pure titanium or you can pick alloyed titanium. Pure is naturally more expensive, although it does depend on which metals are used in the mixture of the alloy. When you go to a jeweler, they should tell you what the grade of purity of their ring is. If they don’t tell you, make sure you ask. Most commonly, they are CP2 (commercially pure 2), which means it has all the hardness of titanium while also being soft enough to allow for engraving and etching. CP4 is the softest of all, which is generally not considered good enough for a wedding ring. This is because it will start to bend and bump and generally lose its beauty and shape.

As you can see, there are a few things to think about when you want to buy titanium rings. Make sure you spend some time researching your options, as this ring is supposed to be a representation of everlasting and undying love.

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