How to Keep Fit whilst Studying for a Nursing Degree

How to Keep Fit whilst Studying for a Nursing Degree

College can seem busy and overwhelming, especially at assessment time. All of your essays seem to be due at the same time, and your fitness regime goes out the window. As a nursing student, health needs to be at the forefront of your mind, although it can be difficult when trying to pursue careers in nursing. However, exercising when studying can be good for you, as it can give you increased energy and better cognitive function. It will also give you a well-earned break between revision sessions.

Plan Ahead

As a student nurse, you know all too well that balancing your time between lectures, placement and revision can be extremely difficult. Planning and organization is an extremely desired trait within the characteristics of a nurse. Scheduling your time whilst at college is a good habit to get into before beginning your nursing job. Strategically plan at least one workout in your daily routine. A good time to do this is early morning, as it gets you out of bed and ready for the day. It will also ensure that you’ll be able to get in more revision time.

Walk or Cycle

If you don’t have time to schedule in a work out, try walking or cycling to and from your appointments. When headed to class or placements, do not get public transport or drive. Ensure you have enough time to get from place to place, as this will make sure that not only will you increase your heart rate, but you will also decrease your carbon footprint.

Eat Well

Staying healthy whilst at college is not just about exercise. Healthy eating is also important. The food that you consume will have an effect on your body. If you eat bad foods and take out you will feel more lethargic and put on weight, whereas the healthier the food, the more energy you will exert. A couple of good tips to keep in mind are don’t skip breakfast, as you are more likely to get hungry and pick up something unhealthy to combat this hunger, drink water to keep hydrated, and choose whole, unprocessed foods.

Record Lectures

When studying for jobs in nursing, you will do half of your learning within a lecture setting. A great way to combine both revision and working out is to record your lectures. Download these recordings on to your phone or iPod and listen to them whilst you are working out. This way you cut the tasks you need to complete in half and will have more time to relax.

Enlist a Workout/Study Buddy

Working out with a friend can help you stay on track with your workout schedule; it will also make your work out harder and more competitive. They will help you complete both your fitness and study goals. You could make a game of it: run a lap then your workout buddy can show you an index card to test your knowledge; so you’re both revising and working out at the same time.

Everything in life requires balance, so it is good to learn this when still within education. Having a balanced diet, scheduled exercise routines and short revision sessions will improve your academic performance and will ready you for work in the ‘real world’.

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