Trendy Dresses Outfits For The Spring and Summer of 2014

Trendy Dresses Outfits For The Spring and Summer of 2014

On the hunt for fashionable dresses that would look great on you during this spring and summer? In this article, you’ll find the details of several trendy dresses that are likely to find widespread popularity during this time of the year.

Spring is here, bring out those light and elegant dresses, to complement your natural charm. Like most things in life, fashion trends are not static and you need to keep track of the new styles and designs – to look sophisticated and up-to-date. What are the dresses that you can consider wearing, to turn on the style during this spring and summer?

  • Jump suits – Off-shoulder jump suits offer the ideal combination of style and comfort, during the warmer months of the year. You can buy jump suits of single, solid colors, or opt for their striped varieties. Accessorize with dark eye-liners, small handbags and heeled sandals.

  • Strapless floral dresses – Available in a wide range of colors and styles, they go well with practically all types of skin colors. Put on colorful bangles/bracelets on your arms, which would match with the strapless dress, you have chosen – and become the perfect spring queen.

  • One-piece summer dresses – Go for the ones with slightly loose fittings, which can be worn at home, as well as at casual get-togethers. Arrange the hemline according to your preferences (knee-length one-piece dresses generally look the most elegant). Team up the dress with slides and/or pump shoes, and a thin silver necklace.

  • Pocket dresses – Capture the casual, laid-back spirit of this season, by striding out in a short-sleeved pocket dress. Choose the ones with built-in ribbons/belts – to underline your style-sense. These dresses extend till just above the knee-level, and heeled shoes are deemed to be the ideal footwear with them.

  • Mini frock dresses – Bright colors? Check. One-shoulder strap? Check. Beautiful fittings? Check that too! The classy and glamourous mini frock dresses are, undoubtedly, the flavor of the season. You can accessorize these dresses with bangles, large-finger rings, and strapped shoes. You’ll soon become the star of all (admiring) eyes!

  • Petal dresses – Winter is gone, but that does not mean you have to bid adieu to your beloved layered look in your dress. Try out the petal dresses, and turn on the style. You can choose either the ones with thin, designer straps, or go for their off-shoulder counterparts. They are way more comfortable than those traditional, body-hugging summer dresses, and you can deck up your look with bead necklaces and glittering dangler earrings.

  • Informal shirts/tops with denims – A designer white shirt/top with blue denims is an eternal summer favorite among ladies. You can also combine other light-colored shirts with skirts, shorts, and three-quarter pants. Who said you really had to ‘think different’ to look eminently stylish during this summer?

  • Frill-collared dresses – Have a thing for frilly dresses? Think beyond those with frills in their hemlines only, and purchase outfits with designer frilly neck portions. These dresses are generally round-necked, giving you the chance to flaunt a dazzling pendant, which would match your dress color too. Don’t forget to carry a clutch bag with this lovely spring and summer dress.

In addition to the above, you can also consider styling up in silk dresses, strapped balloon dresses and light, designer vests – to bring your fashionable side to the fore during the spring and summer of 2014. The weather is pleasant, there is freshness about nature – and you can soak in the flavor of this season too!

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