5 Stunning Wedding Entrance Decorations for Special Day

5 Stunning Wedding Entrance Decorations for Special Day

The one day you get to feel like celebrity amidst the entire crowd is your wedding day. You and your partner would be center of attention on your big day and you definitely want everything to be in order. A remarkable entrance and a grand exit is something you have been planning for a long time. We thought we might help you with some amazing décor ideas for that grand entrance you have been planning for.

If budget is a concern, wholesale flowers are here to save the day! You can never comprehend the versatility of flower usage for your wedding. Accessorizing flowers with some interesting décor piece is going to make your wedding entrance décor absolutely stunning, we can vouch for that.

A floral pathway

Like we mentioned before, you are the celebrity on your wedding day and all the eyes are on you. Make yourself feel even more special by creating a floral red carpet for your grand entrance. That is, create a pathway with flowers and petals for you and your partner to enter. While entering the platform, don’t forget to play your favorite music. The music does not necessarily have to be something slow or melodious. Choose the music that defines you and your personality.

For pathway you can use blood red colored flower petals with marigold or tulips as the border. Among some wholesale flowers, calla lily, chrysanthemum, dahlia or cherry blossom flowers would look great as the floor décor. You can create a pattern or a message too with the flowers. Just use two different colors if you are going for a pattern or message.

LED lights with couple’s initials

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For outdoor and wedding party at night, using LED lights is a unique option. This well go well with any kind of wedding theme, be it traditional, vintage, beach or even romantic themes. How to arrange the lights and use accessories with them is an important criterion. The quantity and intensity of LED lights will vary according to your venue and cost. From a generic perspective, using LED light just in front of the entrance door is a good approach. Talk to your decorate about the door size and the number of lights that you would require.

To mark your territory on the social media, create your name initials with the LED lights. We know if you can manage to pull off this entrance, you would definitely be the talk of the town on social media platforms. So, when people take inspiration from your décor ideas, let them know about the happy couple’s initials!

Wooden barks with bright flowers

Vintage themed outdoor and indoor weddings have become quite trendy in the year 2018. To go with the flow, you definitely need an entrance décor idea to go with this theme. Arrange two wooden barks at two corners from where you will enter. Now, how you decorate the barks depends entirely on your creativity. You can choose to add chandeliers, wind-chimes, fairy lights over the bark. You can drape it with your favorite fabric or you can utilize the wholesale flowers of your wedding.

Simply use bright flowers on the wooden barks to go for a complete natural look. Daffodils, dianthus, allium, Freesia or peonies, basically any bright flower are a good option for the barks.

Floral pastel door

A separate door for your grand entrance is not a bad idea at all. An even better idea is a floral door along with chandelier on the top! What you have to do is decorate the door with your chosen wedding flowers. You can go for full coverage options or simply put wholesale flowers in the middle of the door.

Drape the corners of the door in shades of pastel fabric to get an elegant look.

Ferns, petals and origami

Your entrance décor can be made different with some ferns or moss. Use large ferns at the corner and sprinkle some flower petals on the pathway. If you want to make it even more interesting, use origami paper shapes within the ferns.

Entering with style is also important along with the entrance décor. You can walk while grooving together or simply put a beautiful smile on your face. Whatever you do, the entrance will always remain special in you and your partner’s eyes.

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