Spring Road Trip In Style With A New Used Luxury Car

Spring Road Trip In Style With A New Used Luxury Car

Well, spring is upon us –the time of year where people from Markham like to capitalize on the good weather and hit the open road, feel the wind on their face as they drive up to the Muskoka, over to Prince Edward County or down to the Niagara Valley in search of flowers blooming. In short, it’s the perfect road trip season, and this article has some tips on how to make your next trip a memorable one.

Packing and planning for a road trip isn’t always easy – you might get into a few arguments, or forget something.Be sure to leave plenty of time to plan your route and pack your bags, and, before the day of the trip, ensure that all bags fit in the trunk of the car. Of course, this is where a great luxury car would come in – the Audi R8, for instance, has ample room for all your bags, coolers, towels and blankets, and, as an added bonus, it looks amazing!

Plan your trip according to certain spots of interest here in Ontario. You’ll find plenty of places to visit: Casino Rama Resort, Royal Botanical Gardens, Couchiching Beach Park and the family-friendly diversions at Canada’s Wonderland, each of them catering to a different kind of road-tripper. There are heaps of things to do: check out the grandiose world of Dundurn Castle, or the quiet serenity of the Smoky Hollow waterfall in Hamilton. Or you could go further afield, and check out Quebec, Manitoba, even drive to Alberta or BC. For this, you’ll want to go for a used luxury car that’s fuel efficient, like the Volkswagen Jetta, which you can find at Village Luxury Cars here in Markham.

Sure, you could go on your spring road trip in your old car, but then you’re running up against two issues: one, there’s no guarantee that it will last the entire trip; and two, what are road trips for but to enjoy the sheer fun of driving, which you can’t really do all that convincingly on an old clunker. Used luxury cars, especially reconditioned ones, drive like they’re new, meaning that, at a lower cost than actually buying new, you’ll get a car that you can depend on out there. You’ll also get a car that’s just fun to drive. BMW, Mercedes, Audi… they all make cars that handle well, are responsive and quick, bolstered by an ample array of safety features to keep you (and your family) safe.

And once the road trip is over, you have a luxury car that is just as well suited to tackling your work commute than it was tackling the back roads of Ontario. Take, for instance, the Infiniti QX60, a crossover that’s just as adept at driving your family around as it is driving a load of groceries. And the great thing about used cars, as opposed to buying, is that you’re not eating as much of the depreciation cost; you’re already buying the vehicle after it’s taken its most dramatic decline in value.

When it comes time for you to plan your spring road trip, wherever it may be, consider upgrading to a new used luxury car. The roominess, the style, the dependability and the price – just like those spring flowers, you can’t beat ‘em!

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