Why Some Couples No Longer Feel the Need to Wait to Have a Baby

Why Some Couples No Longer Feel the Need to Wait to Have a Baby

For years and years it was a growing trend to settle down, buy a home and once careers had taken off the couple would try to get pregnant. While this may have been a good idea financially, it presented other problems for the couple trying to conceive. Many waited too long until their mid to late 30s because as the years went by, they felt they kept needing something more, something bigger and better to finally prove they were successful enough to warrant having a family. This was the downfall of many a couple.

Why Waiting Too Long May Be Too Late

Before going into the reasons why many couples today are starting earlier than in several decades now past, it’s a good idea to know a little bit about what went wrong. Most women are in their most fertile years from their late teenage years until their mid to late twenties. After that fertility starts its slow decline.

Those women who waited until their late thirties were often just a bit too late as their biological time clock had expired. This led to a huge depression and many times the death of the relationship. By waiting too long to become financially stable, they waited beyond the point when a woman could easily become pregnant. It was a Catch-22.

Today’s Couples Choosing an Age Old Path to Raising Families

There are a number of reasons why couples of today are more comfortable raising families at earlier ages. The main priority is age. Not only is it easier to conceive when the couple is younger but that very same couple is still young and energetic enough to enjoy kids. The older you get, the more difficult it is to keep up with them. This was the basic thinking once upon a time and society seems to be headed back in that direction once again.

Working from Home in a Hi-Tech Society

Also, some couples now have the luxury of working from home. This is a growing trend and one or both often have a home office and freelance out of the home. Some couples used to wait until they had locked down their careers and so would take graduate courses at night while working during the day.

Now there are a number of first rate universities like Bradley University in Illinois that offer programs like a master of science in nursing online degree program. It is no longer necessary to be away from home to study or to leave work to study full time. This was often problematic because of the time constraints in courses that were offered on campus during the day when most professionals were on the job.

Whether couples are looking for an online degree like a masters of science in nursing to advance their careers from the comfort of their homes, or simply want to have the energy to raise a rowdy bunch of kids, they are starting families earlier than in the previous generation. The trend is heading backwards towards having kids younger and with all the advantages of technology, it makes good sense to do just that.

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