What Should You Pack for a Camping Vacation?

What Should You Pack for a Camping Vacation?

Are you preparing to plan a fun camping vacation that will allow you to really get away from it all and reconnect with the natural world for a while? Then continue reading for a few helpful tips that you can use to ensure you pack everything that you need to stay hydrated, satiated, safe, and comfortable throughout your journey, whether you are headed off on a camping excursion on your own or with friends or family.


A Couple of Knives

When you are out camping, you never know what you will encounter. You may, for example, end up having to create a makeshift shelter or you may need to use tools for other purposes in order to ensure your protection or make sure you have everything that you need to stay comfortable. Therefore, bringing along fixed blade tactical knives and a Swiss Army Knife is a great idea. Keep these items in easy to reach places at all times.

A First Aid Kit

In addition to bringing some tools, you should also bring along a first aid kit in case you do end up getting hurt. Your first aid kit should have everything necessary to treat bumps, cuts, scratches, and burns. Also be sure to pack any medications or supplements that you take every day.


It is already obvious that you need to pack a large tent that will house all of your supplies and your sleeping bag, but a lot of people do not realize that they should also bring some tarps with them on their camping trip. These are so simple, yet so versatile because they can be used to create extra shelter from the elements and they can also add extra protection to the bottom of your tent.

Navigation Tools

The electronic GPS system that is found in your cell phone and in your car may not work while you are out in the wilderness because it is not likely that it will be able to receive a strong enough signal. Therefore, you need to learn how to use a compass, and you should gather maps of the area that you will be in. Keep these items with you at all times so that you can avoid getting lost.

Matches and a Lighter

You should bring a couple of tools to build a fire with ease during your camping trip, so bring along a lighter, but also pack backup matches, just in case your lighter fails to work or you lose it. It is also a good idea to practice building a fire before your trip so that you will be able to keep warm, cook your food, and boil your water.

If you keep the above tips in mind while you pack for your camping getaway, you can ensure that your vacation will be one that will be enjoyable rather than frustrating. With everything that you need handy, you can rest assured that you will really be able to take in all that the great outdoors has to offer.

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