What Sets Boutiques Apart From Large Retailers

What Sets Boutiques Apart From Large Retailers

Before we discuss the factors that make boutiques more special compared to conventional large retailers, let us get to know the two subjects by definition first. A boutique is a small shop that sells fashionable clothes or stylish accessories. A large retail store, on the other hand, is a shop that sells finished products and distributes it in different business lines. A boutique is basically just a type of retail store that sells specialized types of products.

Different types of retail shops come with different shopping benefits. In this article, we will discuss boutiques and the things that set them apart from other large retailers.

Business Size

Basically, the size of a boutique is what differentiates it from the rest of the conventional retail stores. Compared to a big-box retailer or a general merchandise retail store, a boutique is comparatively small in physical size. Boutiques usually occupy small spaces in an area such as strip plazas and enclosed malls. They rarely stand alone in a place. Nevertheless, this is reasonable as boutiques do not need much space for their specified types of products. Unlike larger retail shops, boutiques make it easier for customers to make choices with the small area and the sorted products.

Variety Range

Variety, in business, refers to the amount of categories of products in a store. While it is true that boutiques have a limited variety of products, this is because of the specific types of products that boutiques sell. General merchandises have wide product varieties as they do not focus on a specific product type. In comparison, boutiques have a limited number of product categories as they have a focal selling point of clothing items. Moreover, boutiques have deep focus on the types of product that they sell, which gives customers more options to choose from.

Product Quality

In terms of the quality of product, boutiques often go a long way. Larger retail shops with no product focus tend to sell products at different levels of quality. Boutiques usually sell high-quality products with unique, customized fashion items.

Product Passion

Most boutique stores are a product of passion. They are usually built by owners with deep, burning passion in the business. Broad-based retail stores are usually built by owners who desire to succeed in business of any type and pursue an entrepreneurial goal. Boutique founders are often those who craft or order goods out of passion and only use the boutique business to convert their passion into a profitable cause.

In this subject, a boutique is much more beneficial for customers. With passion, a boutique owner is more likely to aim for higher quality of products and does not merely focus on the increase of sales.


Boutiques offer convenience for customers in a sense that they offer specified types of products. They make it easier for customers to find what they need and to choose what they want. More and more online boutique stores are also starting to surface in the world of retail business, giving customers more convenience along with the opportunity of shopping at home.

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