Tips For Motivating Yourself To Get In Shape

Tips For Motivating Yourself To Get In Shape

If you have decided that enough is enough and you are finally going to get into the best possible shape, you might need to set up some motivation for yourself. Think of it like a reward system. Yes, finally being in the best shape of your life can certainly be an incredible reward, but depending on how long it may take you to achieve that goal, you might lose a little steam.

This is why you want to set up rewards for yourself that you can treat yourself to along the way. Of course, you want to make sure that you are not setting yourself up for failure by treating yourself to a quart of ice cream every time you lose a couple of pounds. Therefore, you are going to want to consider using some of the following tips or allow those tips to provide you with the inspiration you need to come up with some new ideas.

An Extra Hour of Television

This is a great treat for anyone that has become very used to simply watching what everyone else in the house wants. Maybe, when you have the time, instead of deciding to choose DIRECTV or a movie to watch, you feel obligated to go do some housework. This is where a reward comes in. Make a mini goal for yourself. It has to keep you motivated but be something that is easily attained. For example, for every five days you work out and eat right, you will reward yourself with an extra hour of television or a movie of your choice.

A Pedicure and Manicure

Male or female, everyone should have clean healthy nails. Sometimes, it is more relaxing and a little more efficient to allow a professional to give you the occasional pedicure and manicure. Of course, if you are like a lot of people, you might feel a little guilty about spending this money on yourself. However, since you are not spending so much money on junk food anymore, you should have a little money in your budget to treat yourself to a pedicure and manicure every time you hit a particular goal that you set for yourself. The goal may be consistent diet changes. For example, if you continue to use your meal replacement shakes for your lunch or you go through an entire two weeks with no drinks other than water, then you can give yourself a treat.

A New Shirt

As you get in shape, you may lose weight or tone up to the point that you are going to need to start buying some new clothing. Treating yourself to a little shopping is not only a great way to motivate yourself, but it is practical as well. After all, you can only walk around for so long in clothing that does not fit correctly anymore. You might even need a smaller size of pants while you are at it. Just make sure that you are making this an attainable goal.

A Family Outing

If you have found that you have not been able to do as much with the family while you are out of shape, this can be a treat for everyone. Once you hit a certain fitness goal and you are able to move about much more freely, you will want to treat yourself to taking your family on an outing. It could be anything from a picnic in the park to an all-day pass to an amusement park. Just make sure that you are sticking to your healthy eating habits while you are out and you will be just fine.

With all of those tips in mind, you should be able to find a variety of ways to reward yourself during your journey to total physical fitness. Just find the reward that speaks the most to your heart and make it work for you!

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