Tips for Getting Healthier Skin

Tips for Getting Healthier Skin

Skin is put through the ringer daily, and with harsh weather, beauty products, and bad habits abounding, our skin could probably use some tender loving care. Skin problems can follow us around all of our years, so it’s important to understand the things that will give our skin the best chance to thrive. For the healthiest skin possible, check out these tips.

Stop Smoking

Smoking wreaks havoc on your skin. Not only does it cause more wrinkles, but it can also damage elastin and collagen, two important components for keeping your skin smooth and tight. Switching from traditional tobacco products to vaping devices like those found at can help your skin avoid thousands of toxic chemicals and cut down on many other nasty health consequences of tobacco products.

Avoid the Fragrance

Using products with fragrance can cause irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin. While that pretty scent may be the reason you selected the product, it could be doing you harm. Ingredients that irritate the skin can cause unseen damage to collagen, may lessen your skin’s ability to fight environmental hazards, and make it harder for your skin to heal. There are plenty of fragrance-free products that can be used without causing your skin to break out.

Always Moisturize

A moisturizing routine can help your skin look and feel healthy, no matter the season. Don’t stop the moisturizing routine at your face and hands; make sure your entire body is covered and kept hydrated. The neck and chest are repeatedly exposed and can be the first portions of your skin to show damage or aging, so pay close attention to these areas. Don’t skip a step: always exfoliate to slough off dead skin cells before applying your moisturizer.

Sun Safety

One of the best things you can do for your skin is protect it from harsh UV rays. Whenever you plan on being outdoors, no matter the cloud cover, keep your skin safe with sunscreen sporting 30 SPF or higher. Once and done doesn’t work in this case. Reapply at least once every two to three hours, and make sure to avoid going into the water if at the beach or pool for at least 30 minutes. This simple task can make you look years younger, and will help prevent the devastating consequences of melanoma.

Shower Less

Too much hygiene can be a bad thing. Shocking, but true. The more your skin is exposed to the hot water of a shower, the drier it becomes. It depletes the skin of its moisture, and can cause irritated and unsightly dry patches. Cooler, shorter showers can help your skin and hair stay healthy and look better.

Snack Healthy

Diet can have a big impact on the appearance of your skin. While many argue about the link between certain foods and acne breakouts, research has suggested that foods low in bad fats and processed ingredients and high in Vitamin C can contribute to healthy, young-looking skin.

Stress Relief

Many experience the breakouts that accompany times of high stress, and learning to manage and reduce your anxiety levels can have major benefits for your skin. Practice meditation, learn proper coping techniques, and exercise regularly to ensure your stress levels are kept at bay.

Don’t Complicate Your Skin Routine

Using a variety of skin care products can actually be counterproductive for your skin. A mélange of different products can mean a mixture of ingredients that combine to irritate the skin, or they may serve to only cancel each other’s benefits out. Keep it simple, and stick with one brand of products if possible.

Sleep Tight

Getting the right amount of sleep every night can do wonders for your skin’s appearance and health. It allows for optimal secretion of human growth hormone, which increases collagen production and new cell creation. If your bedroom is consistently dry, you’ll need to humidify the air to ensure your skin is taken care of even during your shut-eye hours. This will also help out your lungs by allowing you to breathe in moist, circulated air.

Use Household Items

The answer for your skin woes may be right in front of you. Rubbing a bit of olive oil on dry areas of your body can provide you with a deeply moisturizing feel without added grease or unnecessary chemicals. Using witch hazel as a toner can help your pores look smaller, and keep your skin tingly and tight. Unscented baby powder can help your skin avoid producing moist-prone bacteria. Look around for these household items and put them to good use for your skin.

Invigorate your skin and treat it with the respect it deserves by using these easy tactics and you’ll see the results sooner than you think.

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