There Is Such a Thing as a Modern-Day Pipe Smoker

There Is Such a Thing as a Modern-Day Pipe Smoker

When we say “pipe smoking”, what is the image that generally crops up into your head? We’re going to bet that it’s one of an old man, perhaps a traditional gentleman, puffing away on his device in a classy environment. This is the stereotype that we have all become accustomed with although as the title suggests, it’s not necessarily the case nowadays.

In fact, let’s scrap the term “necessarily” – pipe smoking is fashionable, and it’s not just amongst older gentlemen. We’re not going to suggest that pipes are going to be found dotting college campuses all around the country (although it could very well happen), but it’s surprising to see that the traditional stigma is still attached to the practice.

Perhaps the biggest reason why this form of smoking might become a little more mainstream in the near future are the health benefits. That’s right; there are suggestions that pipe smoking is better for your health than any other form. The reason for the above is the way in which tobacco enters our body. The majority of pipe smokers don’t inhale substances, meaning that many don’t find their way into the lungs.

Another reason why it can be beneficial from a health perspective is because of the DIY approach. Rather than a cigarettes manufacturer dictating exactly how much tobacco we’re going to smoke, pipe smokers insert the desired quantity. Additionally, with so many varieties of pipe tobacco available, it’s possible to use some which isn’t as harsh on our bodies as we might be used to. In other words, the ball’s in your court – you can dictate just what enters your body.

This leads us onto a slightly different benefit; the process of choosing tobacco. This is actually one of the most fun things for a pipe smoker, as nowadays there are just so many types that are available on the market. Smoking a pipe isn’t just about the moment the device hits your lips; it’s the whole-build up. Trekking to the supermarket and asking for a standard pack is never going to tick any excitement boxes, but mulling over all of the different pipe tobacco choices certainly is. In fact, some seasoned smokers might even call it a thrill.

It’s not all about the health though and we’re going to return to that elusive “image” factor. As we pointed out at the start of the article, there’s a typical appearance of a pipe smoker that everyone imagines. It’s the “gentleman” issue; it’s a form of smoking which, dare we say, is sophisticated. It’s much more charming than smoking a typical pack of forty and this for some people is a huge factor.

Therefore, in short, pipe smoking can be linked to the modern day person. The stereotype just doesn’t have to exist and considering some of the electronic devices which are proving to be so popular, don’t be surprised if we see a new breed of pipe smokers who reset the image once and for all.

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