The Progression of Impeccable Taste and Distinguishing Style

The Progression of Impeccable Taste and Distinguishing Style

First impressions are everything and a touch of James Bond never hurts your statement of style. When you want others to know that you have impeccable taste with a touch of distinguishing glamour, it’s a good idea to study the history of the fashion look that you prefer so that you can incorporate some design elements from days gone by.

By taking a look at the infographic furnished by Shade Station, you can revisit the Bond suits from Dr. No through the Skyfall wardrobe of Daniel Craig to see how suit styles along with accessories established the powerful image of James Bond. Whether you like the classic look from Goldfinger or the tuxedos, suits, and sunglasses featured in many of the films, being the best-dressed man about town can certainly improve your image and connect you to powerful images of Bond in action.

The short sleeved playsuit popular in Bond’s 1984 wardrobe gave way to an Anthony Sinclair tuxedo complete with a pocket square and slim bow tie in 1962. With bow ties making a comeback in the fashion industry, one can only assume the power of James Bond has returned with a promise to rock the fashion world.29

The infographic reveals the ever-popular trend of using formal wear, attractive accessories, and casual wear with an attitude of confidence to make the fictional character of James Bond into a fashion influence that continues in today’s fashion industry.

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