Suit Shopping: Off the Rack or Tailored?

Suit Shopping: Off the Rack or Tailored?

Suits are formal wear that any man can pull off, regardless of body type and height. To make a suit look perfectly polished, the fit must be right for the wearer, otherwise, it will look sloppy if it’s too loose and long or uncomfortable if it’s too tight and short. There are two ways you can buy a suit: by buying off-the-rack ones or those that have already been pre-cut and sewn or getting one tailored to your measurements and specifications.

Tailored Suits

Made to measure suits, although they can fit you perfectly, may take longer to make, depending on the availability of the tailor and other factors. If you have ample time to spare before you need to wear the suit, you can opt for a tailored one as you can be sure that it will be made according to your measurements. You don’t have to contend with too-long sleeves or hems, or it being too short, loose, or tight. Finding a good tailor that will create a custom suit for you is probably the best way to go, provided you have enough time to have it made. Tailored suits are also more expensive than off-the-rack ones due to the time, effort and customisation put into creating them.

Tailored suits can either be made to measure or bespoke. Made to measure suits are made from pre-cut patterns, where individual measurements are placed to arrive at the client’s suit measurements. On the other hand, bespoke suits are made from scratch, making a unique pattern for each client. They take longer to make than made to measure ones, as they are more meticulously hand cut, assembled and sewn.

Off-the-Rack Suits

If you are running out of time before you have to wear a new suit, you can opt for off-the-rack suits which you can find just about anywhere clothes are sold. They are less expensive than tailored suits as they are ready to wear. You can still find one that will fit you just right, it may just take some time to land the best fitting one. You may even have to go around suit shops to find the most suitable one for your body type and design preference.

Wearing suits, both for men and women, exudes an air of professionalism and formality. They are best worn in business settings, like in the office, during business meetings and presentations and other formal occasions such as weddings and the like. Tailors are also aplenty; you may find several in your area that can customise a suit for you if you prefer a unique fit and design. The best suits are made with utmost attention to detail and are created by the most talented hands in the tailoring industry. Handcrafted suits are always the best choice, albeit a bit pricey.

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