Small But Important Details To Notice For A Garden Wedding

Small But Important Details To Notice For A Garden Wedding

The idea of a garden wedding can seem nothing short of romantic – like something out of a romance novel or fairy-tale. Unfortunately, there are crucial details that cannot be overlooked, or your picture-perfect wedding could turn into a disaster of nightmare proportions!

If you have been worried about whether you have overlooked small details, we’ve got you covered with a few odds and ends that might help!

Smart Shoe Choices

When thinking about wedding shoes, it can be tempting to go for a style that looks good rather than works best. If you are having a garden wedding, it is imperative to ensure you have wedding shoes that work for your location just as much as your dress.

The last thing you want to happen in your beautiful wedding dress is to have a stiletto heel dig into the grass causing you trip over and ruin your gown – or worse! Wedges, flats or thicker heels are the best options for a garden wedding as they provide the support and stability needed to walk steadily over grassed areas.

If you are worried about these types of shoes not working with a wedding dress, you needn’t be! There are so many gorgeous styles available – from plain white wedges to adorable ballet flats. There is no way you won’t find something that will have you looking amazing while keeping your two feet firmly on the ground!

Do’s & Don’ts Of Flower Girl Dresses

Although flower girl dresses can be anything you desire, many brides have a tendency to go for the classic white dress. This might be a mistake for a garden wedding.

You really need to keep in mind the age of the girls wearing the flower girl dresses before making concrete decisions for a garden wedding. You can probably still have them wear white dresses if they are a little older, but it would be best to keep it to knee or calf length to reduce the risk of grass stains.

The best option either way for a garden wedding would be to look for flower girl dresses in darker colors, but especially if you want them to be floor length such as dark blue tulle. Not only will your flower girls look as cute as a button, but any grass stains will be difficult to see ensuring your photos are stress-free and look perfect!

Plan For The Weather

We’ve all heard that saying: prepare for the worst, hope for the best. There is no occasion more important to apply this than for a wedding. Hopefully, your wedding planner has made sure you have alternative options if the weather is poor on the day, but we don’t always think about it when it comes to our wedding dresses!

Although garden weddings look spectacular by day and magical by night, the evening can also bring cold air from the surrounding earth and plants. To plan ahead for this, make sure you have a beautiful little shawl or wrap at the ready, designed to complement your wedding dress perfectly should the night get too cool for your comfort.

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