Personalize Your Necklaces this summer with legendary Silver Screen Inspirations

Personalize Your Necklaces this summer with legendary Silver Screen Inspirations

There’s no better feeling than spending a day out with friends, watching a fantastic chick flick and shopping for new accessories that will become sacred memories.

Best of all, combining these three little pleasures can be more beneficial to our fashion and lifestyle than it may seem! Ever since we were kids, movie stars were always our go-to models for all things fashion and glamour, especially when it comes to jewelry.

Hollywood seems to be the hot spot for marketing the latest trends or for reviving old looks. Think back to all of the movies we (or our mothers and grandmothers for that matter) grew up on – Marilyn Monroe taught us about diamonds even before color films existed, and to this day, celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker showed us that even a personalized name necklace can become a stylish trademark as she strutted her stuff on the streets of NYC as the infamous editor-fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw.

All in all, there is lots to be learned from the fashion nuances that we continually see on big screen. Iconic jewelry has decorated Hollywood movies and provided inspiration for new jewelry items since as far back as we can remember. So whether you’ve always dreamed of becoming a star, or simply wanted to look like one, keep your eyes open for the best trends in your favorite flicks.

Try our necklacinema quiz to find out how much you know about those emblematic necklaces, and what you’ve managed to forget that just might inspire your summer wardrobe.

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