Really Common Hair Coloring Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Really Common Hair Coloring Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

There are so many that want to color their hair at home and the truth is this can be done with tremendous results. The problem is that most women do not actually have the knowledge they need for those great results. As time passed, numerous misconceptions appeared. They led to mistakes that thousands of women make right now. If you want to get wonderful hair and color it at home, here are the most common hair coloring mistakes, according to specialists at a reputable Denver salon.

  • Hair Is Very Clean When Coloring Starts

Never wash the hair in the day when you want to color it. Some oil present on the hair and even on the scalp prevents stinging and irritation.

  • The Dye Job Is Drastic

Always make changes equal to a maximum of 2 shades darker or lighter as you go through home coloring procedures. Only work with professionals in the event you are interested in making pretty dramatic changes. When you try to change too much it is very easy to make mistakes.

  • Trying To Match Eyebrows

Many women first use the hair color on their eyebrows but you should not do the same. That is not safe at all as dye is simply too close to the eyes. At the same time, the hair in your brow is not the same as the hair on your scalp. The results are never going to be the same.

  • Leaving The Dye On Less Time Than Needed

When you know there are some nasty, resistant grays present, do strand tests in order to see how much time is needed to achieve the color you actually want. That will help you by not having to do this while you actually color the hair. In most situations women leave the dye on for less time than is actually necessary in order to get the coverage desired.

  • You Don’t Respect Product Directions

Always read everything on the hair dye box carefully. This includes details about rinsing stage since many brands will tell you to add water first so that a lather is created. The step is so much more important than you think since it helps color spread. Also, it is much easier to then rinse out. If you skip this step you can end up with dye remaining stuck in your hair.

  • Too Mucy Dyeing On Gray Hair

Permanent color is not necessary when you have only around 30% of your hair gray. Demi-permanent hair coloring is more than effective and improves the smoothness and shine of your hair. Try to only use the colors that are neutral or natural. Their shades spectrum is better and can be more effective at covering gray hair.

  • Just Using One Color

Most women will buy one shade and then use it. A much better approach is to use 2 different ones. You do this to avoid the “wig effect” and have your hair look a lot better, even if you dye at home. Using 2 shades avoid making the hair become too porous as pigments oversaturate your hair.

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