Making a Personal Statement with Clothing Accessories

Making a Personal Statement with Clothing Accessories

It’s been said that your clothes define you. But regardless of your opinion on the matter, I’m sure you’ll agree that you can use your clothes and clothing accessories to make a personal statement about who you are, your aspirations, passion, and beliefs. Here are some of the ways that you can hit two birds with one stone through fashion.


#1 Use Personalized Pins

You can make your personal statement known without saying a word by putting on personalized pins on your clothes, even on your shoes and bags. You can either spell out your cause (e.g., LGBT pride) or use symbols (e.g., peace sign or pink ribbon) to make a personal statement about your cause, advocacy, or style.

The best thing about personalized pins: You have the opportunity to order more of these clothing accessories without racking up credit card debts and change them as your mood demands. You don’t even have to worry about poking holes in your clothes and pricking your skin as you can order clip-on pins. You can choose from a wide range of colors, texts, and symbols, too, so whatever you want, you will surely find it.

#2 Add a Distinctive Item on Most of Your Clothes

Jackie Onassis was known for her oversized sunglasses; Aubrey Hepburn her bold red lips; and Karl Lagerfeld his gloves. You should have a signature item that evokes your personal style regardless of the season, be it in terms of climate or fashion.

You can, for example, always have a statement brooch attached to your clothes or bags, perhaps even on your personal accessories like belts. You may also consider scarves worn in various styles around your neck, waist and head depending on the season and the outfit.

The goal: To choose an item that you can wear with most of your outfits and, in the process, become your personal fashion signature.

#3 Wear Statement Jewelry

Be bold, bright and beautiful! When you wear statement jewelry, you can feel and look fabulous even in a jeans-and-white shirt combo. You must, however, remember these rules of thumb lest you overdo it:

  • Less is more. You have to avoid overcrowding a single part of your body with several pieces of statement jewelry, such as just wearing a bold statement necklace and skipping on the chandelier earrings. You can wear chandelier earrings and a cuff bracelet, however, since these are worn on different parts of the body.

  • Keep it simple. Your clothes should ideally be simple in terms of embellishments (e.g., sequins, rhinestones, and ruffles) when you are wearing a statement piece. You don’t want too many things going on.

  • Wear pieces for a complete outfit. Keep in mind that statement accessories are designed to make a statement so you have to choose pieces that complete your outfit. For example, use clip-on pins with powerful symbols to make a statement about your advocacy and pair them with your casual clothes.

You don’t have to follow the fashion trends. With the right accessories, you can create your own fashion style.

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