How to Put the Fun Back into Your Relationship

How to Put the Fun Back into Your Relationship

After the first exciting stages of a relationship, without your realizing it you start to slip into a routine and stop doing all the fun, spontaneous activities you used to when you first met. This isn’t something to worry about necessarily, because it’s a normal development for people in a relationship. You can’t sustain the heady romanticism and focus that you have in the beginning forever, but you exchange it for something closer, more meaningful, and more rewarding in the longer term.

If you both spend all your time working, looking after home and family, and pursuing separate interests, there’s very little time to spend enjoying each other’s company and communicating the way you feel. One option is to do something you’ve never done before. The thrill of being daring or doing something outside your normal sphere of activities is certain to inject some excitement into your life. It could be anything that is new or seems challenging, from taking on an escape room to investing in stocks and shares, whatever intrigues you and gives you a thrill. For instance, if you’ve never placed a bet, go to an online casino site like Unibet and have a go, or get invested in each other’s pastimes such as sports games.

This stage of your relationship only becomes a problem if either partner starts to feel bored or dissatisfied, and looks outside the partnership for the solution rather than talking it over with their other half. In most cases, you or your partner just need to recapture some of the fun of the early days and remind yourselves why you got together in the first place.

All relationships need working on, as Psych Central discusses, in order to keep them vital and engaging, and a neglected partnership is bound to wither and grow weak, just like an un-watered houseplant. Now you’ve realized you need to start taking action to inject the fun back into your relationship, what’s the best way to achieve this goal?

  1. Making time to be together is essential. Book evenings in or out every week or two, and don’t just agree to do it, physically make a booking in your diary and treat it as being equally if not more important than a doctor or dentist appointment.
  2. Find something new to do together. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to tackle a particular challenge, visit a country you both love, or take up a new sport or hobby. Learning how to do it together will bring you closer, as referred to by Psychology Today, and you should find the whole experience a great deal of fun.
  3. Get away together for a night or a long weekend. As much as you love your children and friends, sometimes you need to get away from it all and just be with your partner. A weekend away in a country hotel where you can explore the wilderness or lay in bed all morning, just as you wish, will give you both a real boost and get you reconnecting.

Investing time and effort into your relationship is one of the best ways to enrich your life and strengthen your bonds, so don’t let your busy routine stand in the way of such an important aspiration.

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