How to Make Your Wedding a Special Day for Your Guests

How to Make Your Wedding a Special Day for Your Guests

A wedding day is all about celebrating love, sharing laughter and creating lifelong memories. It’s the perfect opportunity to party with the people that mean the most to you, and thank them for playing such an important part in your lives. It also means: BEST DAY EVER!

Your wedding should be as fun and unique as you are, so ditch the been there, done that approach and opt for something unforgettable with our creative tips to make your wedding a special day for your guests.

Share Your Love Story

Your guests are going to come to celebrate you, and they will just begging for some loved-up details to swoon over. They want their heartstrings to be played like a harp, and we guarantee they’ll shed a tear (or ten). Give the people what they want with an aww-worthy photo slideshow documenting your relationship thus far. Display your photos chronologically in order to share your love story, and don’t forget the tear-jerker soundtrack!

Get Your Dancing Shoes On

Fun is contagious, so spread it like chicken pox by surprising your guests with a full-blown choreographed bridal party dance! Gather your troops and learn the moves to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Beyoncé’s Single Ladies, or whatever your jam is, and treat your guests to a show. You don’t need to be Fred Astaire to rip up the dancefloor – just have fun with it!

Anyone for Dessert?

While the traditional five-layered wedding cake complete with plastic bride and groom is becoming a thing of the past, why not put a whimsical spin on dessert and make it a fun activity for your guests? Make-your-own dessert stations are a cost-effective and entertaining alternative to a typical wedding cake, and are sure to add that quirky touch. From decorating your own cupcake to drowning an ice cream in ten different toppings, dessert stations ensure there is something for everyone’s sweet tooth. Plus, it keeps the kids busy while mum and dad knock back the bubbles!

Photo Booth Fun

Forget crowded and confined photo booths – open air photo booths, like those at Booth Boys, are the perfect way to capture those quirky wedding reception pics. With a variety of fun and eclectic backgrounds and props, and able to fit more people than traditional shopping centre style booths, open air booths give you a portable photo studio for endless professional-quality snaps. All that’s missing is you – and a glass of bubbly or two!

If you want your wedding day to be as enjoyable and memorable for your guests as is for you, keep the laughter and entertainment coming with our fun wedding activities. Just don’t blame us if your guests are begging you to renew your vows and host another shindig next year!

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