How to Look Cool Roller Skating

How to Look Cool Roller Skating

Whether you’re on quads or blades, there are only ever two looks that come with roller skating. Either you’re effortlessly cool, weaving along the boardwalk like a champ, or you’re scrambling around like the famous scene from Bambi, with scabs all over your elbows. You don’t want to look like Bambi; it’s not cool.

Let’s assume then that you’re at least slightly familiar with skating, and don’t need someone to hold on to. If you do, then maybe this enthusiastic young lady will help you. If you don’t, then here are a few tips to make you that little bit cooler with wheels strapped to your feet.

Stop Like a Pro

Nothing separates the men from the boys like the stopping manoeuvre. Are you currently slowing yourself down by grabbing onto railings and walls? You need to learn how to come smoothly to a halt if you’re going to master this activity. The coolest is undoubtedly the T-stop.

With a T-stop, you’re essentially using one of your legs to create friction and slow you down. As you’re skating along and want to come to a stop, put the majority of weight on your front foot, then bring your other leg behind you, with your foot at 90 degrees away from your body. Slowly transfer your weight to the braking foot, and you’ll come to a stop. Make sure you have a decent pair of skates if you’re going to give this one a go though, or you’ll wear them out quickly.

Learn a Trick

You don’t need to be able to jump a halfpipe to look like you’re a skating pro. Learn a simple trick or two and you’ll be able to impress. Jumping for instance, is not particularly difficult to nail, but it can make you look so much more competent when you’re going up or down a curb. Be sure to practice until it’s natural.

Chill Out

Being relaxed is one of those really annoying things that people tell you is important when mastering a skill, but it really is true for skating. If you feel awkward, you’ll look awkward. More relaxed, fluid movements will make you faster and also help you balance better. When you make jerky movements, you’re far more likely to unsettle your rhythm, and then end up on the floor. Confidence is cool.

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