How Packing Light Can Save You Big Money

How Packing Light Can Save You Big Money

Maybe you’ve been in this situation before: it’s 3am when your plane touches down in a new locale, and you drag your bleary eyes through the airport only to have to wait in front of a conveyer belt for half an hour. Packing a lot of luggage is not a fun way to travel, not when you’re first touching down, not when you’re making your way through a new city, not when you’re traveling by train or bus between destinations… not ever.

Although you may feel like it, you don’t need to pack heavy, with multiple iterations of every single article of clothing, and with Merino woo clothes you can pack a lot less without sacrificing comfort or style. In short, Merino wool has a number of unique properties that suit it perfectly to traveling, and Merino wool boxers are great for travellers because they stay fresh for a long time, so you need fewer pairs. There is awhack of great reasons to pack light, but chief among those, for the thrifty traveler, is the fact that it can save you big money.

By now, it’s no secret that where the airlines use their luggage department to nickel and dime you. As you can tell by this airfare watchdog, baggage fees for your first checked bag are definitely the norm these days, with prices going up exponentially if you want to check a second (like if, heaven forbid, you were moving away to college or something). Thankfully, for the time being, you don’t have to pay for your carry-on, and you can actually carry quite a bit in a carry-on, provided that you pack wisely. Instead of packing five different t-shirts, try packing just a couple of Merinoshirts, which in addition to lasting a long time before you need to wash it (like, a very long time), look fashionable in casual as well as formal settings.

So there’s a bunch of money you’ve saved right there. With the money you’ve saved from not checking a bag, you can go ahead and treat yourself to a nice meal (or two) once you’ve arrived at your destination. And, unlike those who’ve opted to check a bag, you can easily, comfortably take public transit to your hotel or hostel, because you don’t have a cumbersome suitcase or gigantic backpack attached to you. Saving money on taxis is another great money-saving reason to pack light. If you’ve packed light, you could probably even walk to most places you need to go.

Then there’s the matter of stopover locations, when you’re only in town for a few hours and want to explore a bit. With a large suitcase or backpack, you need to rent out a storage locker, which can be quite pricey depending on where you are. When you pack light however, you save that money for more important things.

Merino wool helps you travel lighter because, quite simply, you need a lot less of it. Items like Merino wool boxer briefs stay fresh and clean for days, because of their anti-bacterial, breathable, sweat-wicking properties; ditto for Merino shirts and socks, etc. You can save a good amount of money when you pack light for your next trip, money that you can put towards more fun stuff. Oh, and as an added bonus, you’ll look and feel fantastic – not bad!

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