Four Reasons Your Family Needs to Visit Oakland Now

Four Reasons Your Family Needs to Visit Oakland Now

At one time, Oakland was painted as San Francisco’s red-headed stepchild. But, Oakland has also been called “Brooklyn by the Bay.” If you’re planning to visit California, now is the time to visit Oakland. Just rent an RV, pack up your things and hit the road.

You’ll be surprised by the many gems Oakland has to offer from eateries to its creative vibe and stunning natural beauty. You can just feel the pulse of the city, and how it is just on the verge of a popularity explosion. So, visit Oakland before everyone else does. Here are a few family-friendly activities you must check out.

Take part in the art

Oakland has a true artsy vibe that can’t be beat. One spot to visit is Studio One Art Center which offers art classes for kids and adults. They even have day camps in the summer. This is an excellent way to get everyone engaged in expressing their creativity.

Another option is to attend Oakland’s First Fridays, which takes place every month on Telegraph Avenue. You’ll get to see exhibits from street artists, performers, city galleries and more.

Then, visit the Oakland Museum of California. At the museum, you’ll see the history of California dating back to prehistoric times. You can see exhibits explaining the gold rush, the Great Depression and more.

Get outdoors

While Oakland is a metropolitan city, it still has lots of natural beauty and 19 miles of coastline. Drive your RV to Lake Merritt, Oakland and try stand-up paddle-boarding. You can even book a sailing excursion on the bay. On top of all that outdoor fun, there are over 100,000 acres of trails and parkland perfect for the family to ride bikes, go hiking or ride horses.

Don’t forget the food scene

In a US Today piece on the best local food scenes, Oakland made the list. In fact, it was the only city featured on the West Coast. So, get your appetites ready for some really good eats. This is winner, winner chicken dinner and more.

Many up-and-coming chefs are leaving San Francisco for the more affordable rents in Oakland. Your belly, and your pocketbook, will thank them. Another striking feature is the diversity of the food scene.

You can get almost any cuisine from almost anywhere whether you want juicy burgers or Indian street food. In addition, Oakland is home to the fourth largest Chinatown in the U.S. IF you want Michelin-star food or food truck eats, you can find it here.

Drive to Redwood Regional Park

Adding to the discussion on Oakland’s natural beauty, you can’t leave without a stop at the Redwood Regional Park. This is where you can find the largest group of redwoods in the Bay area. It’s only a few miles from downtown Oakland. You’ll be in awe of these giants.

Final thought

Oakland really is a family vacation paradise with the food, budget-friendly atmosphere, museum, art and Redwoods. With your RV and family in tow, you’ll have plenty of options for family-friendly activities. And, you can enjoy beautiful tree-lined or coastal views from anywhere.


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