Dos and don’ts associated with maxi dresses – It’s all in how you carry it!

Dos and don’ts associated with maxi dresses – It’s all in how you carry it!

When guys wear a black tie and semi-formal, it is more than taken for granted that the woman will wear something dressy and short as the invitation calls in for ‘formal’ dress. But nowadays there’s a broader mix of both long and short dresses in formal parties. Maxi dresses are extremely gorgeous and women are simply head over heels in love with the way in which the hemline casually sways around their legs! Majority of the women associate such long dresses with formal occasions but the trend is changing now and people now accept maxi dresses as something very stylish. A long dress is comfy, chic and elegant at the same time. Read on to know some dos and don’ts of wearing such dresses.


A Print or a solid?

Dos: While you choose maxi dresses, solid colors are definitely the best choice for you as that gives a long and continuous look from the top to bottom. After that comes in a consistent print pattern but you have to ensure that the size of the print is not more than the size of the fist.

Don’ts: Just say a big No to any maxi dress that will create separations in your body. For instance, horizontal blocks of color or a print and solid together or large prints which might invite the eye to look at each section separately.

Length of the maxi dress

Dos: When it comes to the length of a maxi dress, make sure it is till the top of the toe, irrespective of whether you wish to wear flats or heels. Stretch it out as much as possible so that you can maximise the line of the dress. If you’re short enough, you should still stick to this rule.

Don’ts: Although it is often being seen this Spring or summer, you shouldn’t make the mistake of wearing a skirt which touches your ankle. If it is a taller woman, she can still try but for a petite woman, it’s a big No.

Material of the Maxi skirt

Dos: You always need to go with the flow and with flow, we mean flowy. Look for a material that will drape well with your body. Make sure you wear the dress and let not the dress wear you. Choose a soft material that will move with your body and that which is extremely comfortable.

Don’ts: Irrespective of what you’re wearing, if the maxi dress doesn’t suit well like designer blouses do, you won’t ever look good in it. If you’re petite enough, you should steer clear from all kinds of stiff materials. Always go for flowy materials.

Therefore, if you’re about to get yourself a maxi dress and you’re wondering whether or not you would look good in it, you can take into account the above mentioned points. Buy a dress from a trustworthy store that are famous for their well-fitted garments. Accessorize it in a proper way in order to look best.

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