And Baby Makes Three: How To Prepare Your Life For A New Baby

And Baby Makes Three: How To Prepare Your Life For A New Baby

While preparing your home for baby is a huge step in getting ready to be a parent, you also need to prepare yourself and the rest of your life for becoming a mom or dad. You need to understand that life will be completely different when you become a parent and that you will definitely need to make some changes.

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You might already have everything you need for baby to be welcomed into the world, but just in case, you’ll find a few reminders below. You’ll also find a few tips for preparing your life for your new bundle of joy!


Preparing Baby’s Room


You need a lot of stuff when it comes to getting ready for a baby, and one thing you definitely want is the baby’s room. While you may start out with a small crib in your own bedroom, time will fly and you’ll want a little space, so be ready.


Not only do you need all of the regular baby stuff, like diapers and clothes, but you also need all the bedroom good. Take time to research and invest in a great crib, bed, and even bedding. While your baby will grow faster than you think they should, you still want safe and sturdy items that will last (and maybe you can pass down to them in 30 years for their children).


Getting The House Ready


The next step is to prepare the rest of your home. You need to make sure the place is baby proofed because it won’t be long before your little one is crawling, walking, and getting into stuff. You want to make sure little fingers can’t get into electric sockets, that dressers and shelves aren’t going to fall on little climbers, and that there won’t be any head traumas from table corners.


Baby proofing your home won’t all be done in one day and you may even find things you forgot as your baby begins to move around more. Lock down toilet lids, lock up cupboards doors, and make sure baby is safe throughout your whole home.


What About Those Life Changes?


Life is different after you have a baby, and many formerly first time parents realized after the fact that there were some things they wish they’d have done or known before their baby came into the world. First, you’ll no longer be able to do what you want whenever you want, but it will definitely be worth it.

Both parents should make sure they participate in preparing for baby, including the purchase of strollers and car seats. You’ll both be sharing responsibilities so you both need to like what you buy. And, of course, start looking to the future, by putting away money and even looking into schools. It’s never too early to be prepared!

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