Amazing Jewelry Ideas For This Winter

Amazing Jewelry Ideas For This Winter

There is an amazing array of fashionable jewelry available this season. As soon as Halloween is over, it feels like the holidays and party season are nearly here. If you’re thinking of treating yourself to something extra special, then you won’t be disappointed. Women’s fashion jewelry and fine jewelry has never been more elegant and beautiful. This season promises to provide something for every taste.


Starting from the top down, earrings can frame the face when the hair is up or down. Drop earrings are very fashionable for this season. Choose a tear or diamond shape cut to offer a more dynamic look. Diamond tips catch the light beautifully and will set off any party dress on a night out! Choose from clip-ons for comfort and variety, or earrings for pierced ears.


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Crystals first became fashionable in the early sixties as an alternative to pearl strings. Now they are back and look more stunning than ever. As an alternative to diamonds, crystals offer just enough glint and glamor to create an elegant top to any dress. Wear them in a drop, or choose a string of colored crystal beads to help elongate the appearance of your neck. Double rows in a longer length can help shape your party dress and draw attention downward.


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Chunky cuff bracelets are looking to take the party season by storm. Elegant and feminine chain links are also very popular this year. Choose one for your right wrist, and a beautiful watch for the other. If you’re selecting rose gold pieces this year, then check Shinola for their latest gold watches in that style. Match it to a ring, or wear it on its own for a touch of class. Some watches have matching bracelets with them as part of a set. Sometimes it can be more interesting to mix them up.


Fine jewelry in the form of rings will always look chic. Precious gems like rubies, sapphires and diamonds can make your fingers shine and sparkle. Rings help the hand to look more elegant and complement any good manicure and polish. Best of all, they add some sparkle to your favorite party dress this season. Flatter bands rather than solitaires appear to be the shape of choice for rings this year.


When you’re in a shorter dress, you have a lot of leg on show. To dress them up and flatter your pumps, why not wear a rose gold anklet this season? They help to elongate and slim the appearance of your ankle. They also draw attention to the thinnest part of your leg and your gorgeous shoes! Choose a quality piece that won’t break or snap while you’re dancing.


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Jewelry adds glamor, chic and sparkle to any outfit, but especially complements a posh party frock! You might already have some beautiful pieces in your jewelry cabinet. Why not give yourself an early Christmas present this year with something you’ll treasure forever? Good quality jewelry is unlikely to go out of fashion after all. Enjoy the party season, and happy holidays.

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