A Fashionable Woman’s Guide To Workplace Style

A Fashionable Woman’s Guide To Workplace Style

For women in the workplace, fashion can be a minefield. How do you stay looking good without making a fashion faux pas and looking unprofessional? It can be challenging to find the right outfit for work, but the good news is that we’ve got some fantastic ideas about how to choose stylish looks that are contemporary but which won’t attract attention for all the wrong reasons at work.

Utility Chic In The Catering Workplace

The utility look is in vogue right now and it translates perfectly into the workplace where neutral and muted shades are always a good choice. This is especially the case if you work in an industrial or commercial environment. If you work in a catering kitchen, you’ll find that there are many stylish varieties of chef pants available in trendy utility-focused colors like tan which will look good without compromising on practicality. ChefWorks is leading the way in supplying urban fashion chef attire and you can choose from their full range here. Designed to be comfortable to wear while also being suitable to withstand the rigors of the commercial kitchen environment, they’re the ultimate workplace fashion solution for catering professionals who wants to embrace the latest urban utility chic trend while still complying with their workplace dress code.

Leather Pieces For All Weathers

This season, pieces made from leather are softer and lighter than you may have expected and that means they’re suitable for wear at all times of the year, even during warm weather. Choose a single statement piece then build a workwear outfit around it. For example, a leather tailored jacket could be a great choice with a traditional skirt or formal work pants.

Go For The Tailored Look

If you wear suits to work, choose one which is slightly oversized without too much tailoring as this will give you a more relaxed look and feel. Instead of a button-down shirt, choose a silk top or plain t-shirt instead, and wear a pair of boots instead of formal heels. Dark blue, beige, gray or black suits all look good, but in the summer you might want to consider white or cream too.

Prints And Patterns

Women in the workplace often opt for an androgynous look with a more feminine twist, with pantsuits being the norm. However, it might be time for you to consider wearing more dresses. Choose muted prints and pair it with sandals for a business semi-casual look that won’t fail to impress. In cooler weather, pop on a trench coat or sweater and the girly, feminine vibe will shine through without looking unprofessional. If you need to go a little smarter, why not pair a dress with a boyfriend-style oversized blazer for an element of office-proof cool that you’re sure to love?

Don’t be afraid to switch up your style whatever the season and add a touch of flair and personality to your workwear. As long as you dress appropriately, you can be sure you’ll be noticed at work for all the right reasons.


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