5 Ways To Make Your Next Date Unique

5 Ways To Make Your Next Date Unique

No one denies that it can be tough to approach dating, especially when your intent is to work deeper into a relationship. Doing all of the normal things that dates are supposed to do can leave you feeling uninspired and leave a bland impression on the person you’re with as well.

To combat this anxiety, sometimes it helps to approach your next date with the idea that somehow you’ll make it unique, so that your partner knows that he or she is special enough to warrant this extra attention. To help you out, here are five specific ways to approach your next date in order to make it truly unique.

Pick Some Fun Photographic Moments

A date will only last one night, but photos last forever. That said, pick fun moments and take some predetermined types of photographs that will bring smiles in the future. For example, have your date lean out of your home window with an outfit on that matches the unique shutters on your home. We’ve all seen gorgeous images of people on vacation when their clothing colors matches with the color of the curtains on the windows – this is a similar idea, and is sure to get a chuckle during the process. A similar idea might be a designed doorway shot.

Hang Out In Silence

Everyone is so concerned about talking all the time on dates. Tell your friend the next time you go on a date, you want to spend 15 minutes in silence, just appreciating the environment. And not doing something like watching TV or a movie. Choose an activity that there would normally be lots of conversation during, and instead, just have the two of you spend that time watching and listening to your space you’re in. It really is a deep experience to share.

Go Out At An Unusual Time

Do you usually go out at night for dates? Try to go on a date early in the morning for a change. Perhaps even go out before the sun rises, and head to a place where you can see the sky go from dark to light. Yes, you may be some tired folks if that’s far out of your typical time routine, but the payoff is that you’ll have a super unique experience to share, and the difficulties of making it happen will be part of the reward you get.

Have a No-Budget Outing

Tell your date that you’re going to go out and have an experience without spending money. No money for dinner, no money for a movie, no money to shop with. With that kind of a plan, the only way to have a great time is, surprise – pay attention to each other!

Volunteer Somewhere Together

Another great unusual date idea that can be a lot of fun is to volunteer somewhere together. This could be at a soup kitchen, recycling center, church group function, or environmental cleanup session. Not only will you feel good about doing good, you’ll feel good about doing it together.

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