5 Outwear Trends to Take Note of

5 Outwear Trends to Take Note of

While it’s been one of hottest summers on record for countries all over the world, it’s actually not long at all until the weather will start to cool off and the chilly winds will start to whip our hair around. There’s no better time to start shopping for your fall outwear, especially as there are so many new collections being released at the moment. When it’s cold outside, our coats and jackets might be all that others are able to see of our outfit, so it needs to make a statement. Luckily, it seems that this year’s fall trends are perfect for doing just that (as well as keeping you warm) with a variety of bold classics and vintage looks which can be found in both designer boutiques and thrift stores.

So before you rush out and make an impulse buy, take note of five of the biggest outwear trends which are due to hit the high streets in fall 2019.

  1. Extreme Hemlines

This season’s catwalks were bursting with extremely long hemlines which almost sweep the floor. From puffer coats to trenches and peacoats and every other style in between, long hemlines are most certainly ‘in.’ What’s even better is that extra length is perfect for both keeping you warm head to toe and also gives the wearer a real presence when they walk into a room.

  1. Cloaks or Capes

Many of us hear the word ‘cape’ and think of a little girl and a wolf dressed in granny’s nightgown, but when it comes to fashion trends of the modern day, the cape or cloak is in a whole other world. There’s been a massive surge in popularity for fantasy TV and literature in the last few years from the Harry Potter phenomenon, Game of Thrones series and Marvel’s Avengers movies, and it seems that the costume departments have triggered something fantastical influences in the world of fashion too.

An elegant cloak or cape draped over your shoulders can keep you cozy while still showing off a lot of your outfit and you’re bound to turn a few heads. If you really like to stand out from the crowd, the brand new JACK1T collection is launching very soon and includes over 350 examples of statement outerwear with limited edition items.

  1. Faux Fur Jackets and Coats

While faux fur is arguably a recurring trend, there’s a reason they continue to make an appearance year after year. Besides feeling plush to the point that you may as well be wearing your favorite stuffed animal, they also have a playful vibe which can lift the most basic of outfits to new heights. There are some wonderfully bright colors and designs out there to choose from, so don’t be afraid to step up the quirkiness.

  1. Fleece Jackets and Coats

Combining comfort and practicality with a Scandinavian-mountain dweller aesthetic is the classic fleece. Whether you opt for neutral and classic tones or push the boat out with the bright and bold, a fleece coat or jacket is one of 2019’s outwear staples.

  1. Trench Coats

When it comes to choosing a ‘notice me’ coat, there aren’t many which can compare to the trench. This year it seems that black leather versions are back again having had their heyday in the 1980s (and briefly in The Matrix movie).


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