4 Enjoyable Activities to Do on Your Roller Skates

4 Enjoyable Activities to Do on Your Roller Skates

Whether you’re borrowing a friend’s pair of roller skates or you have a pair of your own already, you’ll want to find some fun things do while having them strapped to your feet. Mixing up your activities keeps things fresh and interesting, and getting out of your comfort zone is enjoyable too!

Here are four things to do on your roller skates.

Playing Tag with Your Friends

Playing the child’s game of “Tag, You’re It!” with friends will surely bring back enjoyable memories for adults who played the game as a child themselves. It’s especially fun to play with friends from school days because you may have played the game with them at a much younger age, which will certainly be ironic. For the competitive ones among you, it can all get a bit frenetic and so there should be some ground rules set about where is out of bounds, so people stay within a play area. It’s a good idea to wear some protective gear, including elbow and knee pads, in case someone takes a fall, so it doesn’t have to end the game altogether.

While playing tag is a great way to learn how to roller skate better, it will also bring up deficiencies in your current roller skates. Either they won’t fit you well or the wheels don’t roll smoothly, or they don’t provide the amount of control that you’d like them to have. In which case, you may be ready to upgrade to a pair of Riedell skates so you can roll around in style and comfort.

Attempt Some Tricks

Learning to perform some tricks is something that skateboard users know only too well. It translates well to roller skaters who don’t wish to be left out of all the fun. Roller skating tricks like the Moonwalk, Heels, and Grapevine are three of the most popular ones, but there are many tricks you can try. Some tricks are easier to learn than others, so unless you’re experienced at roller skating, start slowly with easy moves.

Musical Chairs with Roller Skates

Another kids’ game that’s fun to play as a kid or as an adult is the game of musical chairs. If you’ve forgotten or you’ve never played it, it’s a game where the music is playing while the participants walk around the chairs set up in the center of the room. When the music stops, everyone races to the chairs to get a seat. There will be one chair too few than there are players, so someone will be too slow and end up out of the game. Now try to play the game with roller skates on where you’re balancing and moving forward, while staying poised ready to make for the chairs any second. This is definitely a game where knee pads are necessary!

Limbo on Wheels

Trying to limbo by letting your body fall back to lower your height and then stepping gingerly towards and under a rope or fabric limbo line is a challenge. With each round, the height of the limbo line gets lowered and the challenge gets even more difficult. Now try the same thing while on roller skates and you’ve entered a whole new dimension of difficulty. Unplanned rolls forwards (or backward) on uneven ground and having to maintain balance when you’re off-balance and on wheels is expert level craziness! Standard limbo will always be too easy after that.

Getting your roller skates on is a lot of fun. For adults, it brings back memories of their childhood, and for children, it’s just a riot on wheels. Start today so you don’t miss out.

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