3 Great Ways To Make Winter More Bearable

3 Great Ways To Make Winter More Bearable

Winter is upon us, which means dark, shorter days, lots of snow and ice and cold, cold weather. While it’s easy to sink into a lethargic state in the winter and simply hibernate, giving yourself a little pep talk about staying active can be extremely beneficial. If you make the effort to stay active during the winter, whether it’s by starting a book club, going to the gym or signing up for dance lessons, you may find your overall mood much better than if you just stayed home and binged on Netflix.

At the very least, early signs of the La Niña weather pattern is indicating that there will be plenty of snow this season. A large snowfall means that there will a bit more brightness in the streets, and also the opportunity for winter sports will be greater. Downhill skiing in Ontario isn’t the best, but at least you can go tobogganing in some of Toronto’s best parks. If you make it up to Muskoka or out to the country, cross country skiing and snowshoeing can be a blast as well.

Here are three great ideas to keep your fun levels up through the winter:

  1. Join an Exercise Class

If you sign up for a membership at any of Toronto’s YMCA gyms, the classes are free! You can get into spin class (a great form of cardio), yoga, boot-camp, aqua-fit, or whatever floats your boat! Working out in a group setting a good way to stay motivate and socialize. If you make friends or go with a pal, then you can police each other a bit to make sure you don’t slack off or skip a week. You could also consider joining a cross-fit gym – they are usually very social, supportive, goal oriented environments.

  1. Throw a Party

While the stretch of winter between Christmas and spring can feel pretty bleak, if you make the effort to connect with friends it will brighten up everybody’s life a bit. Throwing a “let’s get through this together” party is a fun way to foster supportive friendship. You may save some money by staying in during the winter, so when you throw a party, splurge on catering and a classy mobile bar. Serving up a winter roast and some potent cocktails is a surefire way to make your party a hit – if you’re interested in renting a mobile bar in Toronto, stop by Bartendo to learn more and check out their flexible packages.

  1. Go Tobogganing

Tobogganing is not just for kids; getting together a group of friends and heading to Riverdale Park – Toronto’s best sledding hill – can be a great thrill. Whether you’re rocking a magic carpet, a classic wooden sled (à la Calvin & Hobbes), or a GT Snowracer, you’ll get a wicked rush of adrenaline flying down that hill. Afterwards you can grab a latté or hot chocolate at The Rooster Café – it’s just across the street from the park. Just remember, you’re not a kid anymore so you may feel it the next day. Ouch!

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