11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Getting Ready to Propose

11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Getting Ready to Propose

Every woman dreams of her wedding day from the time she’s a little girl, and one of the most important steps in that process is the proposal. However, we all know from watching romance movies and hearing stories, that some proposals are much better than others. Furthermore, no one wants to end up being proposed to on a date where they didn’t take the proper amount of time to get ready beforehand. To avoid those problems, you’ll want to know some of these undeniable signs that your boyfriend is getting ready to put a ring on it!


1. Saving Money Becomes a Priority

When your boyfriend is about to propose, he knows that you’ll want an amazing ring. He also knows that weddings and honeymoon vacations don’t come cheap. So if he’s started to eat in more or say no to purchases he would normally make, it might be that he’s saving up for something a little more permanent.


2. He Actually Wants to Go to Your Friend’s Wedding

Some guys love weddings, but if your boyfriend is the kind that doesn’t, and he’s suddenly excited to go, you know something’s up. He’s not just interested in the open bar, but in sampling the food, getting ideas for wedding bands, and looking for ideas on great wedding ideas.


3. He’s Cleaning Up His Life

Before your man considered marriage, he probably made bachelorhood a pretty big priority for himself. Nothing got in the way of Monday night football, and his bachelor pad is his favorite place to be. But if he’s suddenly given up his hobbies to spend time with you or he’s talking about moving to a bigger place, he might be thinking it’s time to commit.


4. He Acts Nervous or Strange Around Your Friends

Uncharacteristic awkwardness around your friends and family is a sign that he’s planning something extra special, and they’re in on it.


5. He Won’t Let You Touch His Phone

The most likely place for your boyfriend to store photos of the ring, messages between those helping with the proposal, and any other details are in his phone. If he’s suddenly become possessive of that little device, this means one of two things: He’s cheating, or he’s planning to propose. Before you try to get into his phone to see what’s up, check for other signs that he’s about to propose so you don’t ruin the surprise.


6. He Wants to Know Every Detail of Your Schedule

He has to make sure you’re not busy at the time he’s planning to pop the question, so if he starts to ask lots of question about your schedule, just indulge him and pretend like you don’t know what’s going on.


7. Your Favorite Ring Is Missing

He has to figure out what size your finger is somehow, right? Stealing your favorite ring from your jewelry box is a great way to do just that. So don’t ask him too many questions about where it is. Chances are, it’ll turn up shortly after you have another ring on your finger.


8. He Wants to Spend Time with Your Parents

Traditionalists will ask your father for your hand in marriage, which means he needs to leave a good impression on him. When your dad and boyfriend begin spending a lot of time together, get ready for the big question!


9. He Entertains Talk about the Future

How many kids do you want to have? What’s your dream job? What kind of house do you want to live in? Where do you see yourself in five years? Men that don’t want to commit won’t ask you about the future. When questions come up about the future, take it as a sign of bigger things to come.


10. He Wants to Be Near You Always

Sudden clinginess or a desire to do everything with you shows that he’s making sure you’ll say yes when he asks. He might also go out of his way to tell you he loves you or to say other cheesy things. Don’t question him. Just enjoy it while it lasts, and respond nicely to assure him that you’ll say yes.


11. He Goes Window Shopping With You

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